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Tieflader - Apokalypse Jetzt (Apokalypse Jetzt)

Tieflader - Apokalypse Jetzt (Apokalypse Jetzt) Dirty and loud, clear and distinct, brutal and direct, NO other metal band takes you on a rough, impulsive and energetic ride, pounding with an attitude of pure and powerful energy as much as Stuttgart, Germany's TIEFLADER. Check the first "Apokalypse jetzt" video.

Hitting one's nerves with every riff, guitarist Alex Scholpp, (Farmer Boys, Tarja, Sinner), drummer Benni Baur and bassist Rob Swoboda are a classic three-piece powerhouse machine of groove and precision, creating the waves of power for singer Patrick "Doc" Schneider to grind a raw and emotional energy into the mind of the listener.

For the production, the band recorded as they always have, old school style.... live, in the now, capturing the true and unique vibe of a band that has played together for almost two decades, creating a powerful and in your face sound that is direct, fat, natural and real. Their first release since 2014's "Schreit nach Vergeltung", their new EP "Apokoalypse jetzt" is groove metal at its finest with the undeniable consequence: No prisoners. No remorse. No compromises.

15.12., Balingen - Hartklang X Mas 2017
19.12., Stuttgart – Universum ("Apokalypse jetzt" Release Show)

Patrick Schneider - vocals
Alex Scholpp - guitar
Benjamin Baur - drums
Robert Swoboda - bass

1999 - „TIEFLADER hält nicht an für dich"
2001 - „Ganz aus Metall"
2003 - „Schneller als du denkst"
2004 - „TIEFLADER steht unter Strom"
2009 - „TIEFLADER geht durch die Wand"
2014 - „TIEFLADER schreit nach Vergeltung" (live)
2017 - „Apokalypse jetzt"


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