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Pile of Priests - Tenebrous Labyrinth

Pile of Priests - Tenebrous Labyrinth Formed in 2009, the memorably named progressive death metal band Pile of Priests have put in the man hours for their metal, supporting legendary bands like Artillery, Vader and Immolation. Consisting of Evan Salvador on guitar and vocals, Patrick Leyn on bass, and Evan Knight on drums, they independently released their 2015 debut album 'Void To Enlightenment'.

Never resting on their laurels, they have now recorded a new EP, consisting of three original songs and three covers, entitled 'Tenebrous Labyrinth' plus prior to the EP they unleashed a stand alone single 'Redemption Per Cruciatu'. Inspired by Death, Edge of Sanity, Old Man's Child, Cannibal Corpse and the mighty Voivod... Evan Salvador describes his band's 'death metal with a twist'. This album is available for streaming at this location.

Pile of Priests aim is to produce a sound inspired by 90s death and thrash metal bands. The trio were disgusted with what they describe as 'pseudo metal' and they could feel the resurgence of real metal was coming, and Pile of Priests were going to be at the forefront of this true metal tsunami! Lyrically, Pile of Priests are a firestorm of fury against the injustices of the world, as main songwriter Evan Salvador explains, he focuses on "things that upset me, things that I have true hatred or resentment toward to help conjure creative emotions. Most of our songs are about the fallacies of religion, but also human struggles and current events in the world."

Evan is stoked for fans to hear Pile of Priests' new music. "We are very proud of our upcoming EP 'Tenebrous Labyrinth'. Our sound has evolved on every release and we have agreed that this EP to come is the pinnacle of our sound thus far. It's fast, evil, melodic and incorporates other styles of metal besides death metal.'

'Tenebrous Labyrinth' is due out November 24, 2017


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