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Ayat - The fine art of arrogance. Part II (Carry on, Carrion)

Ayat - The fine art of arrogance. Part II (Carry on, Carrion) With the release of AYAT's "Carry On, Carrion", listeners are delivered a long-overdue and uncompromising taste of hell-on-earth! Overflowing with memorable head banging moments, this album is a catchy arsenal of nuclear-charged black metal, goat-grinding punk and pure old-school rock & roll! Carry On, Carrion dives deeper into the feverish horrors of the sands which bore, and will now reclaim AYAT. With this, their final album, AYAT saunters into the sunset, blood-soaked and frothing mad, a trail of devastation in their wake- their parting words, "So I walked. And the 67 viral winds of the East whistled in my hollow bones, particles of disease sticking on the edges. And William died on me too. A fever runs through my blood like rivers to the sea. Six years of dormant hatred lay in pieces behind me and thousands of dead motherfuckers are walking around the thousand times dead fucking mother-city. And the dead exceed the living and will look after them in their own special way. And there was but one phrase on my tongue like a snake rolled on a shaft: Carry on, carrion... Carry on..."

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