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Abhordium - Omega Prayer

Abhordium - Omega Prayer Abhordium is a Blackened Death Metal band from Salo, Finland. It was formed in 2005 and the style has been chaotic and brutal from the beginning. The first demos were recorded in 2005-2006 and they were released on the internet. In 2008 began the recordings of the EP "Declaration Of Perdition" and it was released in summer 2009 after a successful European tour. In 2010 the band recorded their first full-length album "When Depravity Incarnates" which was released in summer 2011 and is distributed by Inverse Records. In 2017 the band signed a deal with UK's Plastic Head for worldwide distribution of the full-lenght album "Omega Prayer"

On the album "Omega Prayer" the band delivers a more straight-forward approach, also adding even darker and more sinister melodies of black metal than in their previous music, still retaining the brutality and technicality of death metal. The lyrical themes of the album are human depravity and conflict, apocalypse, misanthropy, dark rituals, damnation and the depths of consciousness. The relentless and unforgiving 9 track album seethes with hatred and rage and demonstrates that Abhordium is a force to be reckoned with.

Track list:
1. The Chronology Of Decadence
2. Channeled Be My Hate
3. Asebeia
4. Obsidian Chamber
5. Perpetual Desertification
6. At The Highest Temple
7. Dreary Touch Of The Void
8. From The Depths I Slithered
9. Omega Prayer

Omega Prayer recording line-up:
Drums & Percussion: Arttu Aalto
Bass: Henry Jalava
Guitars: Jarkko Neuvonen
Vocals: Kari Laaksonen

Current line-up:
Drums & Percussion: Arttu Aalto
Bass: Henry Jalava
Guitars: Tommi Koivula
Guitars: Markus Hiitola
Vocals: Kari Laaksonen

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