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YLVA - Lapse (Meta)

YLVA - Lapse (Meta) "A more erratic track from the record that musically surges and slumps in and out the eye of an imminent storm. Lapse is an internal measure of inevitable loss, the limbo whilst waiting for your world to be set alight all the while you know it's coming. The song came together in the first hour that day at practice room. We all felt it push and pull in the right directions very quickly, it was a certainty for the record."

“There is not a wasted note, beat, tone, noise or vocal line, but there’s also a beautiful level of restraint, both regarding how they write in levels of light and shade, but also in how no one in the band ever seemed to overplay”, HEAVY MAG summed up the YLVA live experience. “All of this works to make those moments, the big fuck-off sledgehammer hits, feel all the more impactful”.

“We have the ability to document, measure and learn from our social failures. We can achieve positive community development and social justice if the data is one day allowed to breathe from beneath and within”, comments guitarist / vocalist Mike Deslandes on the recurring theme throughout „Meta“. The album was recorded at Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne, mixed by Mike Deslandes and mastered by Dav Byrne at Iridium Audio.

Line Up:
Mike Deslandes Guitar/Vocals
Dav Byrne Guitar/Vocals
Brett O’Riley Bass/Vocals
Leigh Pengelly Drums

Track List:
1. Sting in the Air 8:48
2. Hunting Room 5:08
3. Lapse 5:12
4. Metadata 4:50
5. The Fall 12:59
6. Widowed 9:48

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