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Infected Chaos - Killing Creator

Infected Chaos - Killing Creator Not only does the second album from Infected Chaos distance itself from the classic Death Metal genre, it also follows a different path when it comes to the lyrics. Thematically, the lyrics do not follow any political opinions they rather take you on a journey to the abyss of your inner self. The lyrics tackle themes such as the anxiety of oneself, the exploration of solitude, the gain of wisdom and strength, the discovery of nature's power, and the conjuring of your inner demons. Former differences merge together, male and female attributes merge into a holistic being, day turns into night and night turns into day. As above, so below we are the Killing Creators! Bret Hard Records will release "Killing Creator" on September the 15th 2017 as CD Digipack and digital download."

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"Infected Chaos is a Death Metal band from Austria and Southern Germany that was formed in the year 2013 out of the remnants of the band Chaosreign, with new forces on vocals and drums. The debut album "The Wake of Ares" was released in 2015, and received a lot of positive reviews from around the world. The various shows that followed, including a support gig for the well-known band Possessed, gave Infected Chaos the opportunity to perform their debut in front of enthusiastic metalheads. As of early 2017, the band is in the process of writing and recording new songs for their 2nd studio album "Killing Creator", which will be released on 15 September 2017."

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