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The Instable Collective - Losers and Winners (Destroy To Regenerate)

The Instable Collective - Losers and Winners (Destroy To Regenerate) Raffaello Mallegni, is the author of the solo project “The Instable Collective”. Raffaello collaborates with musicians of the area in every recording session he performs. He has band drummer like Bushell, Ceke, Tony Criminal ….. he delights and enjoys an incestive music composed entirely by him, with The support of any help contributing to the stylistic development of this musician. He made two Demo “Killin’ The Ghost (2013) – Through The Eyes Of A Godless (2014) and two Mini Album ompany Of Murderers (2015). Destroy To Regenerate (2016). This last work, contain seven songs Metal with strong sound and powerfull on the guitars. Atmosphere full of adrenaline,made by powerfull guitar’s riff and by strong drum’s riff. Not the usually Metal but an awesome innovation about sound. If you don’t get this cd you’ll make a big mistake.

The video tells the story of a serial killer who is about to perpetrate criminal actions aimed at disadvantaged people, judging by him as cumbersome and hindering his logic of death.

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