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River Of Souls - Soilsorcerer (The Well Of Urd)

River Of Souls - Soilsorcerer (The Well Of Urd) Dutch death-doom band River of Souls have released their full length debut album, titled "The Well of Urd", on September 2nd, 2017. This concept album consists of 6 songs revolving around lyrical themes like our everlasting fate, the binding forces of order and chaos, the inevitable journey through the Unlight and rebirth through death. The words are kept company by a diverse musical palette. By alternating brooding doomy passages with bursts of heavy riffing, a gateway is created to the world that lies beneath the Well.

River of Souls initially started as a nameless personal project of Paul Beltman, with the intention to create guitar-oriented death-doom with a wide array of influences: an alloy of all styles of metal and rock made in the past 4 decades, cast into early 80's nwobhm arrangements. Both old-school and modern, diverse, heavy and atmospheric without the necessary use of keyboards.

Most members have an extensive musical history playing in bands in the Death/Black and Thrash metal genres, e.g. Sinister, Warchitect, Judgement Day, Infinited Hate, World Funeral, Supreme Pain, and more. Guitarist Ingmar currently also plays in Codex and Skeletor.

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