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Maidens Of The North - Carry Your Darkness

Maidens Of The North - Carry Your Darkness Once upon a time, goddesses of the Elements were born, to create magic the Universe had never heard or seen before. Enter the Saga. Maidens Of The North are an all female metal band based in Finland and we released the first episode 'Carry Your Darkness' of our enchanting music Saga on 21st of August 2017. Carry Your Darkness has been released with a movie like music video.

band imageElements in the song:
Fire (La Vero, vocals)
Water (Satu, vocals)
Spirit (Elsa Wellamo, vocals)
Air (Laura, vocals, arranging)
Forest (Mon, drums)
Shadow (Henna Helasvuo, orchestrations and piano & arranging)
Electricity (Sonja Sledgehammer, bass)
Helena Haaparanta: composing & lyrics & arranging

Style: Multivocal harmonies and solos wrapped up in a warm quilt of folk / heavy / symphonic / progressive & cinematic metal.
Sound: Our sound is formed by a symphonic orchestra with folkish instruments, drums, bass, piano, guitar and hymns created by vocals. With variety of starring artists with their instruments.
What makes us special: We are using visual storytelling in our music videos. In our looks we represent stylish classy feminine characters of all ages and shapes. We are working towards becoming the first 5D band (taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing). We want to make beautiful and energizing music while observing the world through women´s eyes about history, mythology and strong characters.

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