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Thyrant - Endless Hunt (What We Left Behind...)

Thyrant - Endless Hunt (What We Left Behind...) The powerful metal quintet THYRANT fresh out of Spain just released their debut album "What We Left Behind..." this spring. The headbanger of the album, "Endless Hunt", has finally been made into a music video!

Thyrant about the track: "'Endless Hunt' is the 'headbanger' of the album, a fierce track with thrashy and heavy twin guitars in an effective and pure metal style. It has got that catchy melodic verse/chorus and a very 80's break part in the middle of the song 'a la' King Diamond's 'Abigail'. Twin guitars, thrash/heavy mid tempos sections and a killer guitar solo before going back to the main verse. Easy construction, really effective, classic style. This is HEAVY!"

The debut album "What We Left Behind..." was released May this year, and we couldn't agree more to what the following press had to say about it:

“…this is a record that reflects the future."
- Lettere dall’undeground, IT

“...various styles and their own voice in it makes these Spaniards have a clear signature sound. What they leave will be mostly satisfied metalheads!" - White Room Reviews, NL

“Thyrant debut is a notable entry in the world of metal."
- Tasunka Photos, FR

“Thyrant are the real deal."
- Belfast Metalheads Reunited, IE

"...appetising delight of death metal vocals and melodic rock accompaniment."
- 4/5 Photo Groupie (UK)

“This is the type of miracle Thyrant are capable of."
- Metal News, FR

In other words: Thyrant is a band recommended for your metal ears. Check it out!


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