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Vintersorg - Till Fjälls del II

Vintersorg - Till Fjälls del II It was a tricky question... How would Swedish duo Vintersorg continue after 2014's intriguing album "Naturbål"? Shunning repetition, vocalist and mastermind Andreas „Vintersorg" Hedlund did the unthinkable and composed a sequel to his groundbreaking 1998 album "Till Fjälls", which is considered to be one of the most important albums in the genre of black/folk metal! What to expect from "Till Fjälls del II"? No scientific lyrical concept, no progressive trickery, but a heartfelt return to snowcapped mountains, pure nature-inspired mysticism, Nordic folklore and real black metal with a captivating epic streak. VINTERSORG share a vision of equally harsh and melodic soundscapes that melt the raging extremes of the late 90s with the focus of 2016.

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To write a sequal to the first Vintersorg “Till Fjälls” album was something that many people wanted me to do after its release. The second album “Ödemakens Son” was in the same direction but still something different. So, throughout the years that same mantra was often mentioned again and again “you need to do another album like Till Fjälls”
As an artist I’ve always followed my heart much more than my mind, so inspiration and passion has taken us on a journey through different atmospheres and different musical spheres. From the very folk- music-drenched metal in the beginning, to more progressive and complex textures and structures. As time passed by I just started to write more folk music oriented music again, just out of that same inspiration and passion. On the last three or four albums we’ve in a way spiraled back to the starting origo, but with new experiences and a different stronghold to rest our art upon.

So, I wrote some music and it came over me that it was somewhat “Till Fjälls del II” (part II) and after that fire was lit in our hearts it was a very easy choice to put it in that perspective. It’s not an attempt to do a classic sequal, much more like a lost twin finds its other half after many years. They’re connected to each other but with different experiences and perspectives.

The included EP ”Tillbaka till källorna” (Back to the Sources) is an attempt to portray the time before Vintersorg was Vintersorg. The songs are written in that transition period when Vargatron was put to rest and Vintersorg was given life. Still, these songs didn’t make it to the first EP “Hedniskhjärtad” due to different reasons but has survived in the back of my head, and on some worn-out tapes. When we decided to do the part II of “Till Fjälls” it came to me that it would be nice to really do a new take on these songs, trying to keep the basis of them but just put them into the Vintersorg perspective.

Some of the included songs are nearly intact when it comes to structure but they’ve all got a bit of new arrangements painted over them. Hope you’ll enjoy these songs as much as we’ve done while revisiting our past recording them.


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