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Fight The Fight - The Edge (Fight The Fight)

Fight The Fight - The Edge (Fight The Fight) "There is so many ways to live a life. We decided to live life on the edge."

Barely breaking into their twenties, Fight the Fight has already been a band, though under a different name (Faenskap), for more than a decade. They`ve played at all the major festivals in Norway, toured Europe and received massive praise amongst others from Metal Hammer UK for their phenomenal live performances. During their existence they`ve played several hundred shows, making them a tight knit unit that`s formed an unbreakable bond within the group.

Fight the Fight`s debut record is young, fresh and bursting with energy. Just as you would expect from a debut record of a band that has been buzzing around the Norwegian underground for several years. But, it is more...much more. It is a mature, well-composed rock/metal grenade with immediately memorable hooks, catchphrases and choruses. It`s not your average debut record, with elements of rock, punk, metal and black metal woven into a unique and progressive sound.

Fight The Fight - quick facts:
• 35 future tour dates including Summer Breeze Festival and support tours w Hatebreed, August
Burns Red & Satyricon
• Already supported bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Kvelertak and Satyricon.
• Band is booked by Live Nation in Nordics
• 1.000.000 + streams on album across platforms
• 600.000 + streams on SPOTIFY only for their first single "Perfect Combination"
• 230.000+ streams on SPOTIFY for their second single "Fight The Fight"
• 185.000+ streams on YouTube for their third single "The Edge"
• Week's Tidal Rising, November 2016
• Featured in "Lilyhammer" TV series
• Featured on KFC presents: Callux Gets Rammed EP1 – 99 GIGS
• NRK P3 / playlisted (National Radio)


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