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Dødsengel - Rubedo (Interequinox)

Dødsengel - Rubedo (Interequinox) The mighty DØDSENGEL, or simply one of the best Black Metal band in the world, are finally about to release the highly anticipated successor of the monstrous "Imperator" (2012). This brand new album, entitled "Interequinox", will be released by the French label Debemur Morti Productions on May 19th on Digipack CD, Gatefold 2x12" LP and Digital formats.

This cathartic new offering contains 11 glorious pieces of truly Esoteric Black Metal:

01 Pangenetor
02 Prince Of Ashes
03 Værens Korsvei
04 Emerald Earth
05 Opaque
06 Illusions
07 Palindrome
08 Ved Alltings Ende
09 Rubedo
10 Gloria In Excelsis Deo
11 Panphage

The magnificent front cover drawing was executed by brilliant Artist Anders Røkkum.

The album is available for preorder on our webshop on:


Hell, a beckoning circle, a
means to summon thee.

In the womb of wombs - to return to infancy.
I am understanding, I will solve the meaning.
I am illusion, I will manifest in perfection.

Stagnated despair, my inner urge serenades.
I am the ashen moth to my flame,
I walk with the fire of will.
My secrets lie beneath the ruins of I.

Spiral unto me in serpentine song.
Autoerotic slithering, scarletly draped in lust.
Nocturnal emissions drip into
the gaping chasm of flesh.

A crescent moon, a dancing star,
becomes one with the All.
The golden path of her gateway
Agape, In arabesque, adagio.

The seed of the beast, the milk of her breast,
I drink deep from thy chalice blessed.

In harlotry whoredom, my mistress of unity.
The singular current of eternal salvation.

Fear no longer dwells in this heart of will.
Indivisible blood now flows,
scarletly draped in love.

I destroy myself to create myself.
I am nothing. I am everything.

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