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Cryptic Brood - A Box Full of Bones (Brain Eater)

Cryptic Brood - A Box Full of Bones (Brain Eater) Today, Xtreem Music sets March 1st as the international release date for Cryptic Brood's highly anticipated debut album, Brain Eater. Because of their lust for rancid and rotten death metal, three maniacs from Wolfsburg, Germany started Cryptic Brood at the beginning of 2013. Their first sign of physical life, the Morbid Rite demo cassette was self-released in October of that year and was regurgitated several times by different labels in the following months.

With this extraction of doomed-out death metal, their morbid live rituals, and a couple split releases, Cryptic Brood spread their plague within the filthy realm of the death metal underground and joined forces with Xtreem Music. Backed by this cult Spanish label, the Wormhead EP crept out of their tomb in September 2015. After returning from their first European tour in November 2015, the 'Brood summoned its awaited first full-length album, entitled Brain Eater. A bastard hybrid between death and doom with a fucking heavy 'n' rotting sound, Cryptic Brood are heavily inspired by such bands as Autopsy, Winter, Derketa, Undergang, early Asphyx, and Hellhammer among: maniacs, beware the Brain Eater! You can hear first track premiere here!! Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Cryptic Brood's Brain Eater
1. A Box Full of Bones
2. Slurping Reeking Slime
3. Urban Coffin
4. Corroded Remains
5. Maggot-Infested Flesh
6. Ridden With Dementia
7. Gorging Severed Pieces
8. Brain Eater
9. Until it Starts to Rot

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