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Modus Operandi: Sarah Longfield

Door: Ramon

Er is een groot verschil tussen heel goed gitaar kunnen spelen en een goed gitarist zijn. En dan is er ook nog een groot verschil of je op je zolderkamertje heel goed Malmsteen, Abasi, Petrucci en Laiho na kan doen, of dat je zelf in staat bent iets te maken waarmee je mensen weet te bereiken. En dan is er nog een verschil tussen mensen die dat prima in de studio kunnen en zij die het live ook waar kunnen maken. YouTube ster Sarah Longfield is dat allemaal. Met haar veelzijdige stijl brengt ze op 30 november 2018 haar nieuwe plaat ‘Disparity’ uit, waarop ze de one-woman prog band een iets lichtere koers is gaan varen dan we van tevoren verwacht hadden, maar het dametje slaat onze gear redactie in elk geval om de oren met een niveau om verlegen van te worden. Hoog tijd om te kijken hoe deze sensationele autodidact haar sound maakt. En ze heeft goede spullen in huis.

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Modus Operandi

Strandberg Guitars.

Bass Guitars:
Ibanez SR506.

Standard and open C.


Amps & Cabinets:
Axe Fx II.
Engl Powerball III.
Orange 2x12.

Carbon Copy Delay.


9-42 and 10-84.

Dunlop Tortex Red .4mm

Some old Roland 88-key weighted electric piano.

Ludwig Questlove Kit /various E-kits.

Tama Speedcobra’s.

Sabian are preferred but I have a mix.


Promark Shira Kashi Oak 5A.

Sony A7S ii.

Logic Pro X.

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When did you start playing guitar/bass/keys/drums?
I started first with piano at eight years old, guitar at twelve, drums at thirteen and bass at seventeen.

How much do you still practice and do you make a distinction by practicing and playing for fun?
I have never really been good at dedicated practicing (although I should probably work on that haha). I’ve always just played whatever was the most fun for me, and if I couldn’t play it yet, or if it was challenging that made it all the more fun. As I’ve progressed over the years though, my focus has shifted from technical challenges to creativity/songwriting, which I feel is a pretty natural progression for most musicians.

What are you still eager to learn?
I would really like to get around to learning theory someday! I’ve tried a couple times but I don’t know if I have the attention span for it yet, haha.

On which piece of gear do you keep your most beautiful memories and why?
My first 7-string; it was an Ibanez RG7321 and the guitar that made me LOVE guitar. I would fall asleep playing it so many nights and it was covered in stickers.

Really? I think putting stickers on a beloved guitar is next to sacrilege, personally, hahahah. Do you have an endorsement deal or a signature model?
I’m currently endorsed by Strandberg Guitars, and we are working on a signature model! I don’t know if I’m allowed to release any more info on it yet though.

Aaaah, please… ok, I’ll give up. What was your worst purchase ever and why?
An Ibanez RGA-8. I love most everything Ibanez makes, but that 8-string was a bad time. It had a super flat neck (which lead to hand cramps) weird string spacing, tinny sounding pickups with a bridge similar to a Floyd Rose except fixed, which was super unnecessary.

Who are your influences (musicians)?
I’d say my biggest influences on guitar are Tosin Abasi and Mateus Asato!

What was your first guitar/bass/keys/drums?
My first guitar was a blue Hamer XT series and I traded it for a cello a few years later.

What is on your wish list, gear wise?
The new Roland TD17KVX, I want one SO bad. I’m saving up for it currently.

Start crowdfunding! Ultimate goal as a musician?
Just to be able to continue making music constantly and getting to see the world.

What do you have to say to the little(r) kids out there who want to become a stage or YouTube star themselves?
Go for it! Don’t doubt or compare yourself to others, if you want to do it you will find a way to make it happen!


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