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Modus Operandi: Jeff Hughell

Door: Ramon

Sommige muzikanten zijn meer dan je soms op het eerste oog ziet. Wie de death metal band Six Feet Under een beetje gevolgd heeft, weet dat je moeilijk om bassist Jeff Hughell om heen kan. Je had hem ook al kunnen kennen van Reciprocal en Feared. Echter, de man heeft onlangs weer een CD uitgebracht, met tal van interessante bassisten om hem heen, met allemaal nummers waarin de basgitaar centraal staat. Ga dat checken, onder de naam Bassist Alliance. Maar, eerst gaan we eens kijken wat deze unieke bassist voor gear gebruikt.

Modus Operandi

Bass Guitars:
Warwick custom shop corvette standard 7 string bubinga.
Warwick custom shop corvette standard 7 string fretless bubinga body.

G, C ,F, Bflat, Eflat, Aflat, Dflat.

Custom Seymour Duncan blackout pickups.

Amps & Cabinets:
Gallien Krueger 2001 head into a Gallien Krueger neo 4x12 cabinet.

Darkglass B7k and super symmetry. The B7k is a great bass preamp direct box. The super symmetry is a great compressor. Sometimes I use the waves CLA bass plugin when going direct into the computer.

Dean Markley sr2000 7 string custom sets.


I only play with my fingers.

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When did you start playing bass?
I started playing bass when I was thirteen in 1993.

On which piece of gear do you keep your most beautiful memories and why?
One instrument that I hold dear to me is my six string Warwick standard that my wife bought me as a wedding present. I had the same bass a year earlier which I had to sell because of financial trouble, so it was so amazing of her to get me a new one.

Do you have an endorsement deal or a signature model? If so, could you tell us a little bit more about it?
I am endorsed by five amazing companies: Warwick, Dean Markley, Seymour Duncan, Gallien Krueger and Darkglass Electronics. I have had great relationships with all of these companies and I have been really impressed with the level of detail that Warwick, Seymour Duncan and Dean Markley have put into getting me custom specifications for my gear to help me get the sounds I want.

What was your worst purchase ever and why?
I can honestly say I haven't made any terrible purchases that stick out.

Good for you, but too bad for the article, then, hahahaha. Who are your influences (musicians)?
The first person that inspired me to play bass was Cliff Burton. His style was so different and original. I then got into more fusion and players like Stu Hamm and Charles Mingus. I have always been really inspired by the metal bassists that stand out as well as virtuoso prog players. At the same time I have always none the importance of knowing the bass role in a band.

What was your first bass?
My first bass was a Kramer P bass style four string that I got used. I ended up removing the frets with a soldering iron and filling them with plastic and then refinishing the neck. One of my best friends actually still has it.

Ultimate goal as a musician?
My ultimate goal as a musician is to keep creating music and loving what I do.

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