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Modus Operandi: Peter Tägtgren

Door: Ramon

Hij heeft een aantal succesvolle bands van zichzelf, hij heeft bijdragen geleverd als zanger en als gitarist van diverse andere geweldige bands en tal van geweldige albums geproduceerd. Zelfs terwijl ik hem bel zit hij nog midden in de productie van het nieuwe Immortal album. Daar komt nog eens bij dat hij alle instrumenten die je ooit op zijn werk hebt gehoord daadwerkelijk zelf beheerst. Een all-round muzikant met een fantastisch gehoor en een erfenis die terug gaat tot 1990. Peter stond er op dat het interview live plaats zou vinden, wat hem meteen al in zijn kuit bijt als hij na moet denken over welke gear hij nog ergens achter in zijn voorraad heeft. Er is dan ook net teveel om aan bod te laten komen. Verder had ik hem altijd hoog op mijn verlanglijstje staan om zijn motivaties te horen, wat eenvoudigweg blijkt te zijn om beter worden dan hij tot heden is geweest. Maar welke gear gebruikt de visionaire Zweed daarbij? Lees mee en kom er achter.

Modus Operandi

ESP Custom
ESP Carpenter 8 string in the studio, but now I use a Bariton Eclipse.
ESP Explorer Lawsuit 98, which I bought from Jesper Strömblad (In Flames) for € 600,-. It’s worth a lot more now.

I put my guitars straight into Pro Tool, to not let the frequency of the amp distort it too sloppy. Furthermore, fuuuuuuuuuck, what’s it called. Ultratone. All guitars I use are ESP. And a couple of Fender copies by ESP.

I have a shitload of old guitars, like the 7 string Ibanez Universal, with neon green pickups. Some Fernandez Randy Rhoads copies. I have three or four normal Eclipse models, also the first edition, with three volume buttons. It has a super thin neck, which I lick for speed. All these guitars represent a time-line to me. I only added the 8 string when I started the Lindemann project. But I will keep that.

Bass Guitars:
ESP Frank Bello, of Anthrax. I have some Spector Basses and a Fender precision bass. I love them all, but I really only use them in the studio.

The 8 strings I have tuned down to E, so a whole octave lower. The 7 strings are in Drop A.

It’s EMG 90% of the time.

Aren’t there Fishmans on the Carpenter model?
Yes, there are. I have Seymour Duncans on one guitar. It must be on the Ultratone. I will rebuild my main guitar with Seymour Duncans. It has a steady output, with warmth and so much power, but still in control.

Amps & Cabinets:
I have a shitload of those too. I use 5150 first edition (which sounds really good). I also have 5150 second edition. Next to that it are a Mesa Boogie Rectify (triple channel), Mesa Boogie Road King, Marshall JCM 800, Marshall JCM 900 and a Tapp Amp.

There are NO effects. I might use a tube screamer or some minor things every now and then, but no, just the guitar and the amp most of the time. I don’t have a rack with pedals, nothing of that.

Dunlop, for the dropped guitars I sue 56-13 extra heavy. For the 8 string I just add one, so it is 68-13.

I use Max Grip, they never drop when I get all sweaty and slippery. I end the show with the same pick, I never lose them, although at the end I throw a couple out in the audience.

It is all software now, mainly Pro Tool.

Sonor drums white, the same piece Iron Maiden had in 'Piece Of Mind'. I also have some Sonor signatures. I collect them too, also have a Ludwig 1968, very basic, but really cool.

Demon Drive.

I am fully sponsored by Zildjian, all I use is made by Zildjian.

Drum heads:
Evans G2.

Whatever is available, but mostly B2, though.

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When did you start playing guitar/bass/keys/drums?
I started playing the guitar when I was eight, on an acoustic guitar. I started drums when I was, I think nine years old. I had my first electric guitar around the same time, I think it was some crappy old Hondo or something.

On which piece of gear do you keep your most beautiful memories and why?
In 2010 I was on stage for Hypocrisy with four Marshall heads on stage. It was so brutal, I had these JCM 900, high gain, and the sound engineers were in panic. But I loved it. And probably my ESP Explorer Lawsuit (also known as EX, LoM-R.).

Do you have an endorsment deal or a signature model? If so, could you tell us a little bit more about it?
Yes, with ESP. And it took me while and I’ve had many offers in those years, but I never wanted to commit myself to a brand just to say that I have that and then leave to another offer a couple of years later. It had to feel absolutely right. And it does with ESP. I have some other guitars still, but these are my main guitars, on stage and in the studio. The rest is for hobby and memory. I just totally love all of them.

What was your worst purchase ever and why?
That was a really expensive Elmwood Amp, a Swedish custom amp. Maybe my expectations were too high and I am sure they work for others, but for me, it just didn’t do anything.

Who are your influences (musicians)?
You know, that all depends on when you ask me and how my mind is set at that moment. But, I always try to top myself. If I have to mention early influences, in the 70s when I was a kid, I would probably have to say it started with Kiss, but it was all kinds of stuff.

What was your first guitar/bass/keys/drums?
It was an acoustic guitar, when I was eight. My first drum kit I got when I was nine. My first electric guitar was some Hondo, I guess.

What is on your wish list?
A Gibson Les Paul ’58. It’s a legend. It will probably not top my ESPs, but it is a legend and it would probably be way too expensive, tens of thousands of Euros.

Ultimate goal as a musician?
It is all about songwriting nowadays to me. I don’t look back, I look forward. So the best is yet to come! Well, hopefully (laughs).

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