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Zyklon - World OV Worms

Zyklon - World OV Worms

Label : Candlelight | Archiveer onder

Release type: Full-length CD

Arjan : Newsflash: "Zyklon is a NEW band, not a reincarnation of Zamoth's old project Zyklon-B". You may think, that's weird, because the members of Zyklon-B were Samoth, Ihsahn, Frost and Apollyon, while Zyklon exists of Samoth (here Zamoth) and Ihsahn (here Trym) and Destruthor of Myrkskog. Daemon from Limbonic Art has also helped out with the singin and he will come along when the band tours Europa this year. So both bands have the same founding members, but if you listen to the cd's of both Zyklon-B and Zyklon you will understand more of the two bands. Zyklon-B plays fast black metal, while Zyklon mainly plays death metal with clear influences of Morbid Angel, the last two Behemoth albums, Myrkskog and the last Emperor (that's obvious). The sound and originality is like that; a brutal, powerful and filled sound, I think it's trendy. It's not original either, but in 'Zycloned' and 'Chaos Deathcult' you hear some sort of computernoise which fits good to the rest. At least this band does not use keyboards and slow pieces, except one part in 'Worm World'. This sort of bands who try to mix black and death metal are showing up more and more lately but I don't really like this sort of bands because there is not any sphere in the music. Listen to Myrkskog or Hecate Enthroned, they all have the same problem. Too bad actually. I think Behemoth is one of the bands who do succeed in bringing sphere in their music. No, I do prefer Zyklon-B, because remember, Zyklon-B wants you dead!

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