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Low Flying Hawks - Genkaku

Low Flying Hawks - Genkaku

Label : Magnetic Eye Records | Archiveer onder stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Low Flying Hawks is a psychedelic stoner/sludge/doom band from the Unites States and features members of Melvins and Mr Bungle fame. So we’re not dealing with a couple of amateurs here. ‘Genkaku’ is their second full-length. Low Flying Hawks is heavy, muddy somewhat groovy and psychedelic. Stylistically, the influences from Black Sabbath and of course Melvins are obvious and logical. However, some The Flight Of Sleipnir elements are audible as well, Especially within the more trippy moments, although a folk feel is quite absent from Low Flying Hawks’ music. The songs are generally slow and have an organic sound. Low distorted riffs, slightly wailing vocals and a general sad mood are the main ingredients of Low Flying Hawk’s music. Towards the end the album gets slightly too repetitive and the relative lack of contrasts becomes something of a problem. Well at least for me at least. Low Flying Hawks clearly know what they are doing, but I doubt ‘Genkaku’ will have much appeal beyond their demographic. Still, fans of the aforementioned bands should check this out.

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