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Dark Moor

Als je aan Spanje denkt dan denk je gauw aan zon, strand en sinterklaas. Niet vaak zullen je eerste gedachten uitgaan naar de heavy metal scène van dit mooie land. Zou je in de gelegenheid komen om 'Beyond The Sea' van het Spaanse Dark Moor te beluisteren, dan zouden je eerste gedachten nog wel eens kunnen veranderen. De muziek die zij maken is uiterst internationaal, toen ik hun laatste plaat beluisterde was ik gauw verkocht. Ze weten op een hele goed manier een hele schijf vol met zeer goede metal te vullen, ik wil daarom ook meer over deze gasten te weten komen. Daarom maakte ik een praatje met Enrik, de gitarist van deze band.

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It would be great if you start of with a little introduction of the band. When did the band ---start and who are the current members of the band?

Well, we started back in 1992. We worked very hard to record our first cd “Shadowland”, it was released in 1999 by Arise Records. Dark Moor plays a power metal style with classical music influences. Actually we are four guys in the band: Alfred Romero vocals, Enrik Garcia guitars and guttural voices, Dani Fernandez bass and Andy C. on Drums.

The name Dark Moor, what is the meaning of it, why did you choose that name?

We found one name that we liked, it sounds a little dark. We proposed some names and “Dark Moor” liked us. I think that is a name little close to Romanticism and many lyrics of the band go in this way.

Why did it take about six years before Dark Moor recorded their first album?

The labels in Spain didn't want band singing in English, they preferred bands singing in Spanish and we had many problems to get a contract. Finally Arise, a young label, decided to bet for us, I think that we had luck at end.

How did you managed to get Arise records interested in the band?

We sent some demos to the label and they got in contact with us. They, curiously, searched for Spanish bands singing in English because they have a different vision of the market.

A few years ago three members left Dark Moor to form another band, Dreamaker. Did you expect that happening at the time and what were your feelings about it?

Yes, they wanted to make other music style different to Dark Moor. We spoke about this and finally decided that the best for all was split the band and they followed this way. I think that if we changed the style of the music we would betray to our fans.

band imageWas it clear that Dark Moor would continue at that time or were there thoughts to stop the band when the split happened?

I must confess that for me was a hard moment, but we spoke with my family and friends and with the label, and all said me that we have to go on with Dark Moor. Also, I received a lot of mails of fans and they told me that I must go ahead with the band.

What do you think of the music your old-colleagues are making right now and do you still have contact with them?

I don't listen them very much, sorry.

I can imagine that there would be a little competition between the two bands being on the same label and so, am I right?

No. I think that the music is not a competition like sport. The music is art. I don't want to enter in rivalry with them or with any one other band, for I think that would be absurd.

Dark Moor is a Spanish band, it is not such a usual country to have metal-bands. Can you tell me a bit more about the Spanish scene and which metal bands are the most known in your country?

Yes, playing metal is hard here. But I think that now there is a really good bands in Spain like Arwen or Ebony Ark.

Is there enough media like television, radio and magazines in Spain to get your metal?

No. We don't have television programs and only few radio programs. The best for get metal is Internet or free magazines.

The new album, where was it recorded and how long did it take the band to write and record it?

We recorded in New Sin studio, in Italy, with producer Luigi Stefanini. We started our collaboration with our second album “The Hall Of The Olden Dreams” and I like very much his work. We recorded some things like choirs and drums in Spain, at M20 Studio with the Spanish producer BigSimon. The album was recorded, mixed & mastered in a month. We began to write the song seven months before the recording, approximately. We like to work meticulously on our sound and to take care with the details.

Can you give a little explanation of the stories of the songs on the new album?

Before The Duel: Tells about the feeling of a man the night before to fight in a mortal duel.

Miracles: In this song we questioned God's existence. It's very theatrical, and there is a conversation of God with mortal men.

Houdini's The Great Escape: This song is based on Harry Houdini, the great magician.

Through The Gates Of The Silver Key: This song is an instrumental classical music interlude.

The Silver Key: This song is based in the Dreamland of H.P. Lovecraft and the Randolf Carter's adventure.

Green Eyes: This song is based in the tale of same title of G. A. Bequer, a Spanish romantic writer.

Going On: In this song we tell about our own experiences in life.

Beyond The Sea: In this song we talk about the eternal question: is there life after death?

Iulius Caesar: This song is another instrumental classical music interlude.

Alea Jacta: This song is based in the Roman emperor Iulius Caesar.

band imageIt would be great if you told me a bit more about your musical influences and when you started to play music yourself?

I began in music when I was seven, really very young. I like a lot a classic music: Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bethobeen, Paganini, Straus, Puccini, etc., and of course the classic rock music: Queen, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, etc.

Dark Moor already has a few albums in their discography. Does this mean that the members already are living from music or do you still have jobs on the side to provide for life?

We have our jobs. Unfortunately, we are not able to live of the music ….

Do you spend much time to read reviews about the band and what are your feelings about all people write about Dark Moor?

Yes, I read all the reviews that I can find. I like it very much and try to improve my music with the good reviews if I can…

Did you already played concerts outside Spain or are there plans to do this with the new album?

Yes, we played a European tour the last year with After Forever, Nightmare and Amaran. We hope to play again with this album but it is not easy due to our jobs. A tour in Europe is very expensive.

If there would be a big band you prefer to tour with, what would be your dream-band?

Iron Maiden.

The band played on a Helloween tribute, how did you manage to get on that album?

The album was edited for our label, Arise, so to enter was easy, hahaha. It was great to be on this album.

What kind of feeling does it give you when you are in a record-store and you see Dark Moor albums on the shelves?

It is very special, because I think that our music comes to many people and they can be happy to listen us.

If you had to describe the music of Dark Moor to people that never heard of you before, how would you do that?

I would tell them that it is rock music with classical music influences, or classical music with rock influences.

To end this little chat, what are the next steps of the band and how do you see the future for Dark Moor.

We are working actually in the recording of a musical-video, and we are preparing a Latin American tour and a European tour, we hope…

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