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Terwijl soortgelijke bands als In Extremo en Tanzwut al voor een uitgebreid feest zorgden met hun Middeleeuwse folklore wanneer ze aantreden op Nederlandse podia, opereert Morgenstern nog eerder in de tweede divisie. Daar moet maar eens verandering in komen, want met het kersverse 'Fuego' onder de arm ligt hier vast een waaier aan mogelijkheden open. Vandaar dat, naast de bespreking van de nieuwe cd, ook enkele vraagjes gepresenteerd werden aan drummer Ulli Ullmann (Silvester Goldfarb voor de ingewijden).

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The website of Morgenstern and the lyrics are in German, but I hope we can have a nice talk about the band in English…

I hope so, but warning, my English is a catastrophe!

The new album 'Fuego' will be released in August. Happy with the result?

For the first time in my career I'm satisfied with the result of a recording session. The problem is that, during a recording session everybody is very excited and happy with the results but a little time later, you see the matters and mistakes in songwriting, lyrics and sound. But there is no way to change anything. Sometimes I was very frustrated with our CD's. But now after five million times I heard the 'Fuego' album, yes I'm still satisfied with the album .

Where and when did you record the album? Can you give us an overview of the recording sessions (with details of the special instruments)

The album was recorded in February and March at the Mastersound studio, Stuttgart. The main producer is Alexander Krull (Atrocity). First of all, this recording session was the most relaxed session I ever had. Everybody in the band had a special producer (the other Atrocity guys) who knows exactly the way it goes. That was great.

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You have the same line up since founder member Steffen left the band after the first record. Was it hard to replace one of the founders of the band?

The biggest problem for me was the loss of our voice, our identity. I was very afraid that the band was dead. But the new guys Rico and Jörg worked very hard for the “Heute Ist Die Rache Mein” album, but they had only three months time for learning all the songs of Morgenstern. In this time we played over twenty songs. Please imagine this, three months to learn twenty songs. For a new recording session and for live playing. That was extremely hard for the whole band. After the recording of our second album, we have had one year time for songwriting and all the other important things to create the new Morgenstern band. Now I think the replacement was successful, very successful.

What's the biggest difference between 'Rausch' and 'Fuego'?

The main difference is the sound. The sound of 'Fuego' is harder and more powerful as our other CD's. The 'Rausch' album is more melodic than 'Fuego', but the main matter with this album are some boring songs like the first song of 'Rausch'. 'Fuego' is faster, sounds better and is better (in my opinion).

The lyrics of Morgenstern are somewhat deeper than usual metal lyrics. Can you illustrate this by talking about the themes and subjects on 'Fuego'?

The first song concerns oneself with my own death. It's a fact that everything in this world stays here forever, until the earth explodes sometime. And I stay here too (dead or alive) until the end of time, this is great. The topic of 'Fuego' is the passion in relationships between a man and a woman (Carneval, Feuer, Inferno). And I think, nobody can write no sense lyrics about these themes. 'Sommernacht' tells a story about my yearning to be alone with myself. I like it very much to be alone with myself, but in my life is this not possible.

You know as well as we that there are a lot (successful) bands in the genre, like In Extremo, Tanzwut, Saltatio Mortis and so on. What makes Morgenstern different from the rest?

All these bands play the same songs but we're not. We write all our songs and lyrics by ourselves. The other bands (except Subway to Sally ) are cover bands. This is okay and I like In Extremo very much, but this is the main difference between us and the other bands.

In general the music on 'Fuego' is cheerful. Is it a way to survive in this world full of terror?

Most of the people I know have a very stressful life to live and me too. I can't take the whole fuck around me in my music. This is my own world and this world is not violent and there is no political message in it. I and the other guys of Morgenstern want to have fun with music and of course with the audience. Nobody can change the world with music, unfortunately that can't be done .

If you look back on the things that happened with Morgenstern, what were some highlights and moments you want to cherish?

The biggest moment in the history of Morgenstern is our Mexico tour this year. That was in every point of view the greatest moment in my lifetime. It was our first trip to America and I was happy in every second of this journey. But also the gig on the Wave Gotic Treffen in Leipzig and all the other gigs and recordings trough the last six years are highlights in my life and I'm very happy to play in this band .

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Are there plans for touring, in Germany or abroad?

Not really, we worked over two years on 'Fuego' and I think it's time for a creative break. Next year we play shows and perhaps we start the work for a new album. Believe me, I need a break .

What is most important: image or the music?

The most important thing is of course the music. This is very important for me, but the image is important for selling CD's and tickets. Sad but true.

Who are the main composers in the band, and how do the songs grow to maturity?

Sometimes we make a song in half an hour (Inferno) and sometimes we need weeks for one minute in a song. How the songs grow to maturity? I don't know it exactly, but we try hard to make songs for everybody in the band. This is very difficult, because all band-members like different kinds of music.
I write all lyrics for Morgenstern and give some ideas for the music. The songs we make together.

Are there any projects or plans for the near future that could be interesting to share with our readers?

Yes, we are (Susanne, Dirk, Rico, Ulli) planning a new side project with a friend of mine (his name is Dr. Frank). This kind of music is for the first time with keyboards and synthesizer, but also with electric guitars and pipes. (not like Tanzwut). Please wait for the surprise ha ha ha.

To conclude, let's end with your own famous words…

I'm sorry but I cannot find famous words for the end. (I'm looking for it half an hour) so I say thank you boys and girls for your support and I hope you enjoy our new album 'Fuego'. Greetings to Holland!

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