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Disrule heeft zojuist hun tweede album 'Sleep In Your Honour' klaar en het is een lekkere, spontane, vertrouwde maar frisse stoner plaat geworden. Nieuwsgierig naar de mannen achter Disrule besloten wij hen een interview op te sturen en werden daarop "te woord gestaan" door de gehele band, die ons een blik laten werpen in hun wereld.

Door: Bart M. | Archiveer onder stoner

Even though 'Sleep In Your Honour' is a seriously tasty record, it sounds like you had a lot of fun recording it.
Frank: We had ALOT of fun recording it! I think that’s one of many reasons why it turned out as good as it did. It’s the first time we’ve recorded live, and it was just a great overall experience. We’ve worked with Jacob (the producer) before, and he’s just such a nice and fun dude to be around, and he made us feel right at home. So once we got started, it basically just felt like any other rehearsal, and hanging out with good friends, only with a bit more pressure to not screw up... luckily there weren't TOO many major screwups

Recorded in just two days, it has a really raw feel to it. When you are recording in such a short time, I can imagine not everything you play is perfect. So, how do you decide which "mistakes" you keep on the album, and which ones should be played anew?
Frank: Of course, any major mistakes, like a completely missed or wrong note, would result in a do-over. And sometimes Jacob would feel that we should be either more energetic or more laidback, so that would be a do-over. As I recall it, there were definitely more do-overs than first-takes, haha. Some minor mistakes would be ok because we felt like they added to the authenticity of the whole thing

Dead Rat Studio is not something that comes up with a lot of information when you Google it, yet somehow, even though you only mention it very briefly, I got the impression this is a big thing. I could be wrong though. What can you tell us about Dead Rat Studio, and why did you choose that studio to record?
Frank: It’s actually quite well known in the Danish rock and metal community. But, yeah, more people should know about Jacob and Dead Rat Studio, ‘cause he’s brilliant! We worked with him on ‘Omen Possessor’ too, ‘cause back then we had recorded that album ourselves, and needed someone to mix it, and NP Knew him from when they were in a band together called The Kandidate, and recommended that we’d use him for the mixing. He has an almost supernatural ear for details and understanding of how you want it to sound…and then he makes it sound even better! So we never considered anyone else when it was time to record ‘Sleep In Your Honour'.

Another thing that I could not find an awful lot of information about is your band itself! My question is, why is that? An air of mystery? Too laid back to care? Something entirely different?
Frank: Haha! No mystery about it. We just suck at promoting ourselves. That’s just one of several reasons why we’re very happy that we teamed up with Thomas and Seeing Red Records, otherwise we probably never would have gotten the chance to do great interviews like this. I actually don’t think I’m exaggerating too much by saying that Thomas has gotten us more promotion now than we got in the three or four years before signing on to Seeing Red. He’s just great, and I’ve often wondered if he ever sleeps

So, if you don't mind, can you give us a short Disrule history lesson?
Allan: Well, it started out in late 2014. At the time, Frank and NP had been trying to start something up, and Søren and I were playing with two other guys. We all know one another from the small hard-rock/metal scene in our hometown, and decided to get together for a small jam/drinking night. Within the first hour or so, we had 'Agent Spliff' down on track, and we were like "Hell yeah! This thing here, really works!" Six months later we recorded 'Omen Possessor'.

Also in the "Get to know the band" category, what do cool guys like Disrule do for a living, and how easy or hard is that to combine with having a band and touring?
Frank: I work at a company that sells auto parts. Don’t know how much street credibility I get for that, but it definitely comes in handy when my car needs repairs. Fortunately they are very understanding about giving me time off from work to do personal stuff like playing gigs etc.

Allan: I work as a Backend PHP developer at a small start-up. I've got really flexible work hours which, like Frank, gives me the possibility to take time off, for all the cool stuff in life.

Søren: I work as a photographer and video editor. And just recently started my own company. So far I have one employee…me. Back in the day I did a lot of music videos for Danish metalbands: HateSphere, Horned Almighty, The Burning, amongst others. I had a small company called Division666, together with Claus Reinhold, the dude who did the cover and the first video.

NP: I am the caretaker of a local rehearsal space in our hometown. Where Disrule rehearses.

Alcohol or THC?
Frank: Beer and rum for me. I have no problem with THC though, and I think it should be legalized. Especially for medical purposes.

Allan: Mostly we consume alcohol. But a small portion of the band really enjoys the occasional spliff. Hence the super awesome and creative lyrics to 'Agent Spliff', haha!

band image

It has been a little over two years since you released your debut 'Omen Possessor'. How much would you say you have changed/grown as musicians, and in what way(s)?
Allan: When we wrote 'Omen Possessor' we kinda just used any riffs we came up with, which resulted in a pretty diverse record, with a lot of different styled tracks. When we set out to write the tracks for 'Sleep' we wanted to try and make everything a bit more dark, doomier and gritty. I wouldn't say that we have changed a whole lot, but we do have more clear sense of direction for the music and the band.

Frank: Yeah, we would use just about any riff that came to mind back then. We set the bar a bit higher now.

'Sleep In Your Honour' is a great album and I think all of the songs on it are awesome. I mentioned earlier that I get the feeling you had a lot of fun recording it, but still there are some songs that touch me on an emotional level. 'Going Wrong', for instance, and also 'Follow Me'. It sounds like a perfect blend of lyrics, vocals and music. Can you tell us what your songs are (generally) about and what inspires them? And more specifically, what inspired 'Follow Me'?
Allan: First of, thank you, glad you like it. 'Follow Me” is 'a reminder to everyone, that there are things besides social media and mainstream news outlets, that are worth our time. To go out, meet people, talk, listen and learn. And make your own conclusions about how the world works, instead of letting some biased news media tell you what’s up and down. Most of the lyrics on 'Sleep' is about changing yourself, changing your mindset or trying to change the things around you.

'Enter The Void' somehow got stuck in my mind as 'Into The Void', because of the Black Sabbath song. Was this done on purpose or just a coincidence?
Allan: Just a small nod to the Masters (of reality).

Frank: I’m pretty sure I’ve heard both Allan and NP unintentionally sing ‘Into The Void’ instead of ‘Enter The Void’ on more than one occasion

Speaking of Sabbath, the little information I did find about you mentioned them a lot. It makes sense that your music is influenced by them (as I think they influence the whole universe), so my next question is: who is your favourite Sabbath singer and why? And what is your favourite Sabbath era?
Frank: Definitely Ozzy! I just think he was better at transferring emotions. Whereas Dio, in my opinion, was a bit more operatic. Therefore Ozzy, to me, was simply the better singer. My favourite Sabbath era is 1970-1975, the first six albums

Allan: Ozzy is the man. I can’t really say anything other than that, he’s Ozzy. I prefer the early Sabbath stuff.

The artwork of 'Sleep In Your Honour' is beautiful! There is not too much going on, it appears simple and clear, yet very meaningful. What can you tell us about it?
Claus Reinhold (again) did it for us and we just thought it looked very cool and fit the title nicely with the blindfold acting as sleep and the nightsky behind her.

Best album(s) of 2018 so far?
Fu Manchu - ‘Clone Of The Universe’.
Moab - ‘Trough’.
Sleep - ‘The Sciences’.
Bersærk - ‘Jernbyrd’.
Graveyard - ‘Peace‘.
Corrosion of Conformity - ‘No Cross No Crown’.

With your new album out, can we expect you guys to go on tour? I for one would be thrilled to see you live.
Frank: Holland would be awesome! Can you set us up with anyone?! Haha! Hopefully we will be doing a great deal of shows next year. We are working on it. And of course some gigs in the remainder of 2018. We would love to play outside of Denmark, so to all the bookers out there: get in touch!

I have been wondering about this for ages. You have two singers, and one of them also drums. I don't know why, but I have the impression that drumming and singing at the same time is a lot harder than singing and playing the guitar at the same time. Is this true or am I mistaken? Please give us all the drum/sing combo information!
NP: There’s definitely a physicality to it. But then again not more than a singer, playing guitar, jumping around the stage and headbanging. I’ve been doing it for ages, so it has gotten easy, but it’s not like I can’t feel it at a really hot cramped gig. My first band at school when I was ten, everybody was too embarrassed to sing, so they all agreed the one who had the biggest instrument to hide behind should sing. That’s how it started. But that’s a lot of years ago. I’ve had my share of practicepracticepractice since then. I sit really high, so as to get air to my diaphragm and I beat the drums hard but not to the limit, so I have a bit of air and space to sing. That’ll do it. Thanks for asking.

Thanks so much for answering these questions. If there is anything that I forgot to ask but that you would like to say, please feel free to do so!
Allan: Just a quick heads up to everyone out there reading this, to get out and support your local scene. Buy the CD’s and merch, and go to the shows. We are all doing this for you, but we need your support.

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