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Lords Of The Trident

Het Amerikaanse Lords of the Trident is een bijzonder stelletje. Volgens eigen zeggen lopen de heren al zevenhonderd en vijftig jaar mee in het metalwereldje en doet Manowar het in hun broek voor hun echte metal. Tot nu toe alleen te zien in Amerika, maar misschien komt hier binnenkort verandering in. Volgens zanger Fang von Wrathenstein dan. Voorlopig moeten we het nog even doen met hun prima recente schijf ‘Shadows Of The Past’ en een goed gesprek met de heer Fang.

Door: Wim R. | Archiveer onder heavy / power metal

For our readers that do not know you that well, could you tell them about the way the band started? Which bands are your (main) influences?
The band started when I emerged out of a volcano at the beginning of time. You see, it's been my eternal quest to put together a band of metal immortals that would conquer all of humanity, so technically we've been pillaging the lands since the dawn of time. We were REALLY big back in the middle ages until our 1342 European tour (now, unfortunately, known as the "black plague" tour). You see, we got some poor advice from the PR manager we had at the time...his "big idea" was to include a free rat with every ticket purchased, and obviously we didn't know about the plague or anything back then, so the headlines were all about how "Lords of the Trident spread death" and such. We decided to take a very short 750 year hiatus, and resurfaced in 2008 once the bad news had blown over. Unfortunately most of our die-hard fans from back then are now just dead fans, so we've had to start from square one. Lots of slogging it out in small-to-medium-sized venues over the years, but we've had the opportunity to meet and play with some absolutely incredible up-and-coming metal bands, as well as open for bands like Helloween, 3 Inches of Blood, and Unleash the Archers. All in all, stocks are up! In terms of influencing bands - that's a bit tough, because technically we pre-date all of the standard answers: Iron Maiden, Dio, Priest. However, of course, we were still on hiatus while they were becoming famous. In the tour van we listen to a large plethora of all sorts of different music, so I feel like we pull inspiration from a bunch of different places. Some of the bands that we all enjoy are Scar Symmetry, Savatage, Polyphia, and some more small-to-mid-level bands like Visigoth, Judicator, and A Sound of Thunder. Asian Metal and I are also big synthwave fans, and we love bands like The Midnight, Timecop1983, and FM-84.

With 'Shadows Of The Past' you released your fourth full album, Can you tell us a bit more how long it took to record the full album? Was it done in one period and at one place or during separate sessions?
Certainly! We sequestered ourselves in our home-made recording studio thirteen miles beneath the earth's crust from November of 2017 until March of 2018. The recording was finished over many separate sessions and many, MANY gallons of beer. After the recording was finished, it was passed along to the FINEST mortal mixing & mastering agents - Doug Olson (engineer for Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Cheap Trick) and Dan Harjung (engineer for Robert Plant, Megadeth, etc.). We think it turned out amazing!

Are there main differences between your new album and your last album 'Frostburn"? if so, can you tell something about those differences? What is the reason that there is a three year gap between the albums?
The main differences and the reason for the long wait between recordings is one and the same - we have a new guitarist (Baron Taurean Helleshaar) and a new drummer (Master Herc)! Obviously, losing key members of a band can cause some delay in songwriting, and that's basically what happened here. Fortunately for us, both new Lords are accomplished composers, and were quick to acclimate to our way of writing and recording. Shadows from the Past is more mature and complex than Frostburn, and I think any listener who is familiar with our earlier work will see the ways in which we've grown over the past few years.

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How do you approach songwriting? Is it a band effort or are there main writers in the band? Any help from outside?
Usually Asian Metal or The Baron will lock themselves in their chambers and play guitar for 25-26 hours a day until they find a riff or two that they really like. Once that happens, they'll meet and hash out the details of the song, and get a rough skeleton together. Then they present it to the rest of the band and we decide whether we like it, or it needs further refinement. After we decide to keep an idea, I'll start to think of what the riff reminds me of - for example, the sound of battle, an evil dragon, or perhaps a space-mining robot. Asian Metal is VERY good at coming up with ideas when I'm drawing a blank. Once we've got the lyrics together, we'll usually start chipping away at the finer details until we've got a completed song.

If I am rightly informed, you are around since 2005, your goal was/is to dominate the Metal world. Are you satisfied with the progress up until now?
Well technically we predate that, but of course that was before our 750-year hiatus. Since we were starting again from scratch, I feel we've come a long way in only ten short years. We have one of the strongest metal Patreon armies on the internet, and I think we're poised for some grand adventures!

Is it possible to make a living out of being a member of Lords Of The Trident? Or do you have other bands or jobs beside the band?
It's not possible to make a living being a member of any band nowadays, unless you're somehow able to sustain yourself with ramen noodles and showering in a gutter. So unfortunately, we still all masquerade as mortals, toiling away at day jobs. However, our Patreon page is growing by the week, so we hope that by this time next year at least one of us will be able to quit our day jobs and work on Lords full-time.

You use Kickstarter to fund your albums. Is this because you cannot land a record deal or do you like to keep matters into your own hands?
Signing to a major (or sometimes even minor) label makes very little sense nowadays. There are very few "fair" deals that exist out there, and most of the time the label will just exploit your work, keep control of your masters, and drop you once they feel they can no longer make easy money. Gone are the days of record labels investing in their talent. So yes - we like to keep everything under our own control. That's why we use services like Patreon and Kickstarter - to make sure that the only people we're accountable to are our fans.

Your style of music is very European sounding to me, if I am informed correctly you did not make it to these shores yet to play. What is the reason for that? Does the Red widow have anything to do with this?
While we're always on the lookout for the agents of SPIDR, the question of a European tour is more of a logistical issue than anything. It's rather difficult to get all the swords, armor, explosives, and flammable liquids through airport checkpoints (not to mention customs)! That being said, we are currently working on details for a Japan and/or European tour in 2019.

This your opportunity to tell why every metalhead should buy your new album? Fire away!
We've challenged Manowar to a band-vs-band cage match – two bands enter, one band leaves. They chickened out. If that doesn't sound like the type of metal you want to listen to, then I suppose you should just go back to listening to Nickelback, because there's no hope for you. However, if you enjoy listening to the purest, most face-melting metal available over-the-count without a prescription, then Shadows from the Past is for you.

Are there subjects/things that were not covered by the above questions that you would like to tell?
I'd encourage everyone reading to check out our fan club at here. We post multiple exclusive things every month including early demos, acoustic covers, metal beer reviews, live bootlegs, and more! For metal, it's the best deal on the internet! Sign up and PROVE YOUR WORTHINESS!

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