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Vanuit het niets walste Theotoxin ons in maart vorig jaar plat met de release van ‘Atramentvm’. De Oostenrijkse black/death horde knalde met hun eerste langspeler alle heilige huisjes omver en solliciteerden meteen voor een plaats in de toplijst voor beste debuut in 2017. Dit jaar brachten zij met ‘Consilivm’ meteen een tweede plaat uit die eveneens bol staat van de antigodsdienstige frivoliteiten en de zwartgallige aanbidding van het kruis. Hoog tijd om daarover een gesprek te voeren met deze heren.

Door: Koen S. | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Hi guys, it’s that time of the year again, haha. Last year we had a little chat about your debut album ‘Atramentvm’ and now Theotoxin is back with its successor ‘Consilivm’, so I thought we should just do things over. Tell us why you are already back with a full length album within a year?
Flo: Hey Koen, nice to chat again. Yeah, one year has passed but we weren’t lazy of course. For us it’s very important, especially as a new band, that you are not drowning into oblivion. So, short after the writing process for ‘Atrametvm’ was finished, I started writing new stuff for Theotoxin.

Michael: Hi. I joined Theotoxin shortly after the release of ‘Atramentvm’ and in the very beginning of our live appearance. So with this change in the vocals and lots of new songs we were highly motivated to move on with the recordings.

Last year’s ‘Atramentvm’ was an independent release but now Theotoxin is signed by Massacre Records, a German label with bands like Sinister, Illdisposed, Zombie Inc. and Ancient Rites on their current roster. How did that collaboration work out for the release of ‘Consilivm’?
Flo: I worked as a drummer for Zombie Inc. so I knew what Massacre was capable off. They offered us a deal and we accepted it, quiet simple it was. We spent a lot of time and money in promoting our first album, but without a worldwide distribution it is very hard to reach that many people. So I often send cd’s to e-zines and got nothing back…it was a big waste of material.

’Consilivm’ actually is a continuation of the debut album. Like you said before: ‘Atramentvm’ was just the beginning of something…’like a premonition’. Was it because most of the songs were already written when ‘Atramentvm’ came out or did you just want to proceed in the same direction? It seems you have a well-defined vision of where you want to bring Theotoxin.
Flo: Actually I just want to create what I like, I don’t want to be limited in the writing process. My Vision with Theotoxin is just to create music which gives me satisfaction in my own musical world.

Michael: Flo is the main writer of Theotoxin but we are in the lucky situation that all of us share a similar vision. So we act like a unit, everyone takes over some tasks and we are working very hard and effectively. We are right on track and get things done: no fucking around with self-exposers and too big egos.

You used German lyrics in ‘Hexenflug Und Teufelspakt’. Who’s idea was that and are you planning to use your mother language more in the future or was it just the song that needed it for creating the right atmosphere?
Flo: Honestly, there is no particular reason why this song ended up with German lyrics. The song is lyrically based on the witches sabbath and the whole ritual behind it. It’s a real interesting story which, obviously, is filled with fiction but the pure darkness and sexuality in this story is very fascinating to me.

Michael: We got lots of good response for using German in this song as well as in the chorus of ‘Stillstand’. It seems that this language sounds darker and more evil. But I think we should not exhaust the effect by forcing it into the new material. If it fits the atmosphere than maybe there will be some more German lyrics in the future.

What does the song title ‘Apokatastasis’ mean? I remember a song from the Swedish black metal band Terra Tenebrosa with the same title and I believe also Blut Aus Nord had a track named ‘Apokatastasis’, so I was wondering what it meant. (After verification it turned out it was Deathspell Omega with the song ‘Apokatastasis Pantôn)‘
Flo: Didn’t know that. ‘Apokatastasis’ is kind of a state or means rearrangement. It is like a rebirth. Overthink which idols you are bowing for, how they help you to manage your life and/or how much do you want to obey them.

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Last year you had this great video for ‘My Harlot’. The charming violence in this video is still unmatched. You shot a new video for ‘Chant Of Hybris’. It’s darker and not as charming as ‘My Harlot’, haha. Who comes up with the ideas to translate a text to images for a video like that?
Flo: The video was shot by James Quinn, a fantastic filmmaker from Linz, Upper Austria. He mostly makes real fantastic arthouse horror movies which are full of blasphemy and hatred. His latest film ‘Flesh of the Void’ was very successful in the states and he’s a fantastic guy as a person and to work with. When it comes to Theotoxin, I wanted to create something new or at least different when it comes to the visuals. So we decided to work with James. And the outcome stands for itself. A very eerie and disturbing movie. By the way, all the violence in this clip is real, haha…I literally beat the priest up and he was totally ok with it.

Michael: In fact the lyrics and the visual concept were developed separately. We decided very late in the process which of the songs would match the ideas of James the best and I think that we were successful in creating a unique dark unity.

Flo wrote most of the lyrics that are a complaint against brainwashing beliefs, religions and religious fanatics. Could you give us some examples of what upset you the most on that matter lately?
Flo: Honestly…I was asked that question a lot in recent interviews and I’m a bit tired answering it. The shortest answer is still…take a look outside, watch the news and watch them apes burn themselves in the name of god or money.

Michael: Religion is still an issue in nowadays politics and media and this makes me sick. Stupid slogans and contradictions. We should be above such cheap tricks of social control. Like every other ideology religion is like a poison.

Since there is a real vinyl revival going on: any chance ‘Consilivm’ will get a vinyl treatment? I bet a lot of fans would like to have a nice black or colored issue of the album, including me.
Flo: Yeah, we are thinking a lot about that lately. If we are going to print vinyl I would only print a small amount of copies but in a special edition, maybe a different artwork or in a special box. It isn’t our main focus at the moment but I’ve been thinking a lot about it.

Are there any plans to conquer Europe this summer to promote ‘Consilivm’? I’m eager to watch you guys play live. You recently had a bunch of shows in Austria: how did it go and what is the most memorable thing that happened during these shows?
Flo: There is something cooking but no details yet…For me the most important thing, when it comes to live executions, is that the crowd must be fucked really hard for over 40 minutes with blast beats and pure blackened hatred. No ritual, no ceremony, just pure brutality and blasphemy.

Michael: We have a strong focus on playing live. There’s always a great and powerful atmosphere on stage and lots of good feedback from the audience so far. Let’s see where it takes us.

Ok, since we will be talking every year about a new Theotoxin album, I think we’ve covered it for this time. Just Kidding! If there is something you want to tell the fans or the metal community in general, feel free to do so. I, from my side, am very happy with the release of the new album and I wish you all the best in the future.
Flo: Thanks to our loyal fans out there, the legion is growing and stay supporting the underground!
Hail the Godcunt!

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