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Eerst een poos vruchteloos op zoek naar een label om je debuut uit te brengen en dan plots klopt het machtige Nuclear Blast op de deur… het overkwam de zwartgeblakerde Duitsers van The Spirit met het uitstekende debuutalbum ’Sounds From The Vortex’. Daar hoort een update van het nieuws bij en dus contacteerden we zanger/gitarist MT voor tekst en uitleg over de nieuwe uitdagingen die lonken aan de horizon.

Door: Vera | Archiveer onder black metal

Congratulations with your entrance at the Nuclear Blast family! This must have been a highlight after a long search. So please tell us how this contact and inking a deal came into being?
We never sent Nuclear Blast an application because we thought they are too big for an underground band like us. Back in 2017 we couldn´t find a label which wanted to release the album, so we founded our own label and released it in a limited number by ourselves. A couple of months after the release Nuclear Blast heard about us and it seems they liked our music a lot. They got in contact with us and that´s how it started. I don´t have to mention, that we were a bit surprised when we heard from them.

However, the band was founded in 2015. How did you meet each other and became a band, what were the intentions for musical direction at that time and more details about the early days would be nice...
It was quite difficult to find musicians for THE SPIRIT. Especially to find a good drummer for this kind of music, who isn´t already playing in five other bands and doesn’t live too far away. So, I was pretty happy when I met MS (drums) in late 2015 and after some sessions he joined THE SPIRIT. We spent the next year with the song-writing for ‘Sounds From The Vortex’ and in the second half of 2016 the other two guys joined the band.

Since the grim yet melodious blend of black and death metal from the nineties is featured in your music, you must have grown up and been following this style for a long time. Can you tell anything more about that?
When I started to listen more to the extreme metal genres, my main input were definitely nineties black and death metal bands from Scandinavia. Of course, that influenced the way I played guitar back then and still does. You can hear that particularly in the way we use guitar melodies in THE SPIRIT.

Who are the main composer(s) of the band and how did the quite lengthy songs with long instrumental parts develop until the final result?
From the first riff till the final song it is always the same way. I write the song. When I´m done, what can take quite some time till I´m satisfied with it, I send the song without drums to MS (drums) and then we meet in the rehearsal room. At that time, I have already all the drums in my mind, so it´s always very interesting what his ideas for the drums are. When we finished the drums, AK (guitar) and AT (bass) join us. Jamming in the rehearsal room is definitely not the way it works for THE SPIRIT.

What were the reactions on the self-release of ‘Sounds From The Vortex’ initially?
The reactions were positive or very positive so far. It´s nice to get some good feedback but at the end most important is that we are happy with the album. And that´s what we are.

You prefer to work with initials, giving a mysterious flavour to the whole presence. Is there a special reason for it?
No, there is no special reason. And who cares about our names anyway? The only name that is important is on top of the album and that is THE SPIRIT.

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What can you say about the inspiration for lyrical themes on this album?
I have to tell you the same I told your colleague already in the last interview with “Lords of Metal”. You are interested in the lyrics? Then explore them by your own and make your own thoughts.

The rerelease is regaled with new artwork by famous Costin Chioreanu. What was the reason for this decision and can you tell a bit more about this cooperation?
Costin is very well known for many great artworks and he has a very unique style. We just gave him a rough idea how it should look like and then gave him as much creative freedom as possible. We are still happy with the original one, but we thought we should get something different for the re-release. Like that, the Eternal Echos version stays something special.

Are there plans for more visual support? Now we have two lyric videos... plans for shooting a proper video clip?
Unfortunately not for this album and not in the near future. We wanted to, but things didn´t go as planned.

What about the live experiences of the band so far? I think it took a long time but now things are going to explode...
We played just a handful of shows since 2015 but this is definitely going to change now. We are really looking forward to play the ‘Sounds From The Vortex’ live.

Now there are Summer festivals, but the tour with Hypocrisy and Kataklysm seems a great opportunity to me. What are the prospects and how do you feel about that?
Especially the upcoming tour across Europe is a great opportunity to promote the album and reach a lot of people which never heard of us before. We are honoured to be able to tour with these two metal giants and we are eager to unleash cosmic terror every night.

In Autumn you will start working on a sophomore album. Any thoughts on this one, about musical direction, themes or anything else?
Where did you get this information from? I can tell you, we started already in January this year with the song-writing for a possible second album. To write music for THE SPIRIT takes quite some time. And in autumn we will be almost five weeks on tour and that is not the right place for me to write songs. I have to be alone at home to get the best result and I need time.

If there is anything else you’d like to add, please feel free to do it here...
If we all survive this heat wave, we hope to see you on the upcoming tour, cheers.

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