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Het debuut van deze jonge Duitsers klinkt als een frisse wind door het metalcore landschap. Het is vooral de combinatie van de engelenstem van Nyves met de ruigere Robin die zorgt voor een unieke sfeer, waarbij ze dan ook nog eens uitstekende nummers schrijven. Een interview kon dan ook niet uitblijven. En kijk, zowel Nyves als Robin waren van de partij. Het werd dan ook een leuke conversatie tussen twee vriendelijke en vooral enthousiaste zangers.

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First and for all, congratulations with ‘Aspire’. It sounds really great. This is your debut. How long were the songs already hanging?
Robin: Well. There are a few songs like ‘Ignite’ and ‘The Epilogue’ who are like two years old now. But the rest of the record is pretty new. Something like a year or so.

Nyves: Yes, but not older like a year.

How long did it take before Venues came with this line-up and the direction of the path of music they want to go?
Nyves: we had a lot of member changes. But the members we have now, are in the band around three years. And it is a steady line up now.

You are a bit labeled under metalcore but the sound is so much more. How do you call it yourself?
Robin: That’s a good question because we are always faced with it. We talked a lot about it and for us we call it post-hardcore because it is such a wide word and you can put a lot of styles in it. So we keep it with that style name.

The metalcore genre stood a bit still in recent years. You have managed to give it a firm push. And it sound really refreshing. Have you not received any negative reactions from other metalcore bands who think you sound too soft (or who are jealous)?
Nyves: Until now I haven’t heard nothing of it.

Robin: I heard nothing until now. But there is always some bad mouthing after every band. Especially the harder bands. When we play at a festival and there are some harder and brutal bands, there are always people who think we are too soft of something. But that is what we are. So that is not really a problem for us.

About each song sounds like a radio hit and still you stay performing a nice piece of metalcore. How difficult or what is the right approach to write a song?
Robin: I think that we have really a strategy how we try to play like this or like that. We always have parts that we really mean that should be in there like the heavier parts such as the shouts and stuff. A lot of us in the band are from the harder genre. And you can feel the influences. But normally it comes automatically. There is no real plan.

Nyves: There is not something like a real plan. For me it is more like a feeling. When I heard the first versions of the songs who are instrumentally, I start to think about a feeling. Call it the feeling of the song. Then I try to give this feeling words. What words can I relate with this melody or what meaning do I want to give the people. So after that I’m trying to find which parts are more suitable for the melodies and the clean vocals. After I am finished with the cleans, I give them to Robin who fills them with his shouts.

Do you first write it in German and translate it to English?
Nyves: No, I try to write it in English. When I write it, it is more easy to do it in English. First I try to suit the melody and then I try to fill it with words. I search for the poetically words.

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What is the main inspiration for your lyrics. Real situations or something like that?
Nyves: I’m really more a feeling person, so I know that some feelings are stronger or more interesting for people who are trying to understand it. There are situations from myself but also some from other people. Or some thoughts I have.

Which kind of music are the most members infectuated with?
Nyves: That is really funny because every member has his own influences. The songwriter has a lot of influences from the eighties like WASP or Iron Maiden. I am more from the grunge.

Robin: The drummer and I are more from the post hardcore, punk and post punk style. Those different backgrounds are really interesting. We are putting them all together and see what will come out.

It is like every song could end as a hit. How do you managed something like this? Many bands search for something like this their whole existence and you just did it.
Nyves: The truth is I really tried this time for the choruses and make melodies that are more pop and not so old school metal. Melodies that people can feel. Not a real popsong because that is boring. It is difficult to explain. It comes from the inside. I don’t have really a musical background.

What did you thought when you heard the first time the whole album when it was recorded?
Robin: When we heard the final recordings, I was really happy. It sounded so cool. That was like a lot of hard work with the song writing and the recording. For me it was like it was finally done and I could present our first baby.

You worked with Christoph Wieczorek as producer. Did he changed a lot at the end result?
Robin: The truth is that we really sucked on recording songs. We had no idea how a song had to sound in the end. So he did a lot. But the songwriting is completely from the band. He added some tunes and some ideas. But in the end, it still were our songs.

Nyves: He just added the sound.

It’s is almost impossible that this is your debut album. Is there already a lot of experience in this band?
Robin: Not at all. Except for the drummer who played in a metalcore band before, it was our first band. We are superhappy for those words. We recorded one EP before we started working at the record. That EP was released at Spotify.

The band is already a quite famous name in Germany. For how many people do you mostly perform?
Robin: Well, we are still a baby band over here. We have our fans here in the South because we play a lot of shows or festivals. If we play a homefront show, we play for two or three hundred people.

So you were signed by Arising Empire Records (part of Nuclear Blast). How did you get in contact with them?
Robin: Well that is kind of a tricky question. But to be honest, I’m working for Arising Empire. One day, when we recorded the first three songs, I let hear those songs to my boss Tobbe Falarz from Arising Empire and to Markus Staiger from Nuclear Blast. They really liked it. And then Marcus asked me what I was thinking about releasing our debut with Arising Empires. So that is how it worked. And at the moment, my colleagues really like the record.

And are you ready now to conquer the rest in Europe or stay more in Germany?
Robin: It is important to build up a fan base here in Germany. After that we are going to the rest of Europe and the world. It will depend how the record will perform. Maybe two years is a good timing and look how we stand then.

So thank you very much for this interview. Any last words for our readers?
Nyves: That is the second time that someone asks for this.

Robin: Last time I answered to all fans and readers, if you really like those starting bands, go to shows and buy some merchandise because that really helps them out.

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