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Bleeding Through

Na vier jaar op non-actief te te hebben gestaan zijn de meesters van de metalcore terug met het fantastische nieuw album Love Will Kill All’. Het was even passen en meten, maar gelukkig vond zanger Brandan nog eventjes wat tijd in zijn agenda voor een leuk gesprek over de Bleeding Through en hun nieuwe plaat.

Door: Koen W. | Archiveer onder metalcore

Since ‘The Great Fire’ and ‘Love Will Kill All’ six years have passed. A lot of people even thought that the band had split-up forever. So what happened in these years?
Well, through the time we really stopped because we looked at our lives through the whole and said we had been playing over fifteen years. And people of the band wanted to do other things. There was a need for another part of careers the second part of their lives and started families and have kids. We did enough in those fifteen years and decided that is was time to do something else. I guess you can say more of an adult life. We left with an open end and the possibility to do another two records always has stayed. And through that time I opened up a gym called Rise Above Fitness. Martha (keyboards) had a kid, Derek (drums) had two kids. Brian (guitar) had a kid now. Ryan (Wombacher - bass) had been played in a band called Light The Torch. So we all had been focusing at other things, other parts of our lives and other careers. It was a good thing for us. And at a point I was in the studio with my producer and started writing some new material and send that to the band. And I thought to start with a new record. I asked them if they wanted to do it because they were still away from the band and if they want to keep it that way, it was ok. But if they want to do a record, it was time to start playing and going with Bleeding Through again. And that helped this record a lot because there wasn’t any stress from the music industry and other bullshit. So we just write a record that we are happy with. And we started with new people that had a good vision for a band like Bleeding Through that has been around for already a long time. It was really a good thing that we took a long time off. There are a lot of bands of which I wished they would do the same thing because once you played so many years in a band and trying to do something else from the band apart. And also sustaining your career and looking for the time to pay your bills and support your families. That is so hard to accomplish. So it was a good thing to resume our personal lives a bit and then resume with the band after that.

You have had four years to recharge the batteries. And that is fully reflected on this album. By the way, it sounds really great. I only knew Bleeding Through by name but your fresh record totally convinced me. What requirements must a song have before the band is satisfied with it?
It is all about feel for us in the studio. If we can feel it when we are started with writing songs and we play it again and again without finding that feeling, we don’t even put it on the record because it will sound a bit like some dead space. When you have to listen at it, it would have to start some emotional response. At least for the people of the band. If it doesn’t, it is better not to make a record.

The problem with a lot of metalcore bands is that they insert those sticky emo parts with clean singing. Bleeding Through avoids that and stays hard but with a catchy flow. Was that a conscious choice?
I said it before. It is amazing how much metalbands wanted to sound like fourteen year old kids. It is incredible. I listened to a lot of new records and now and then it is like they are not feeling ok with being our age. For us we have those clean choruses but they sound really mature and like a grown up. And to me now all the music that comes it, the chorus sounds like a day to remember and that is really strange.

What is it that inspires you for writing your lyrics? I mean, they do sound not so positive....
Yes I know. This record contains lyrics like they were some kind of a reflection of our lives last five years. My life in particular. Personal on topic is me being bipolar and going to a lot of emotional separation with some older friends. Like people I grew up with. They also had to do with the operation from Bleeding Through and how we felt about people working for the band the last five years. We are just nothing more than a paycheck for them. And I thought we have being disrespected for a long time. So lyrically a lot of stuff is from the life like that. But the title of the record is not as negative as people think. The word ALL signifies all that we have been through as a band and everything that has to continue in our personal life’s. The word LOVE signifies our music and our love together and how we feel that. Out music and our love for each other will conquer all. And that is what it really means: Love will kill all. It is not that there is love and you are going to die. Through what we build and have for each other, we can conquer everything.

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Hardcore has a lot do with politics and social shortcomings. The situation in the world is become worse and worse. Would you ever spread a political thought during the shows?
My thought of politics is that everybody has so many ideas that it will never matters and never will matters. People can argue about politics all they want. In America we have those dumb fucking TV shows where they all day are yelling about politicians and they never manage to get something accomplish. They are wining, bitching and complaining all day. And I am sort of sick of people whining and complaining. So that is why I’m staying out of politics and that is my stand.

A very special feature in the band where always the keyboards. They are never on the foreground but you can hear them in every song. How important are they to fill the space?
They are very important. We don’t want them to over record the record with too much symphony as you hear in the sound of a band like Dimmu Borgir. For us it is an undertone and really filling the songs out. I think it is a very vital part just to settle the right nuances. Sometimes a part is brought more to the foreground.

How satisfied were you with the end result?
I am really satisfied. I think we really did a lot of good things. Like we started to work with Mick-Kenney again. He is a friend of mine and he knows us very well. He can even finish our sentences. We were really satisfied because there was no pressure. The record purely is what we wanted to do. We started with super important just do what we wanted to do. That should be important for every band. You could write music like you could write it for yourself. And if people like it, that is awesome. And if not, you wrote a record that you are comfortable with. For me in the beginning when I started writing music it was with my issues and it was an outlet for us. And when we listen to this record, which is the sense we liked for ourselves. It was like our first two records when there wasn’t any pressure from the music industry. There were no interferences from the label. Nuclear Blast is really great to us. They just let us do our thing and they want to celebrate what Bleeding Through has done over their career. They didn’t want to change us. They just wanted us to be the best off.

You were part of the Nuclear Blast roster since 2009 but now time you went to Sharptone Records (which is part of Nuclear Blast). Why this change?
I didn’t enjoy our time with Arise Records. They didn’t give a shit about us. And with Sharptone, I know Shawn who runs the label and he was always very honest with me. He was never a fan of Bleeding Through but he is a fan of me I guess. It was awesome because I told him we will write some songs and he just said come over when you got them. So we got ourselves in a record situation where we won them over. And that is very interesting because with their help, the music would be spread to some new people that not know already our music. Like yourself, you heard the band name but never a record. And that is what we are hoping that the label will put our music to so many people as possible.

And now, can we suspect a lot of touring? Even in Europe?
We planned to be back in Europe in fall or in spring. We want to do so many festivals and shows as possible. It is difficult because we all do so many different things but when we schedule it, it will be possible.

I read that you also have your own fitness studio ‘Rise Above Fitness’. Where do you still get the time to train or to eat seven times a day when you are touring abroad?
I am kind of a busiest person ever. So that is just time management. I work a lot of twelve hour days when I’m on the flour training people up. Then I put some time for putting meals in and switching to Bleeding Through mode. And then switching from Bleeding Through mode to training mode again. It is interesting but it keeps the fun. Work has to be done.

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