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De debuutplaat van het Franse Insolvency, getiteld Antagonism Of The Soul’, is een stevig en modern album vol met variatie. Het is duidelijk dat Insolvency een band is die wat in petto heeft. De nodige tijd dus voor een interview. Zanger en bassist Pierre Challouet nam de tijd om onze vragen te beantwoorden.

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Insolvency is quite a new name for us. Can you explain us shortly something about the history of the band and who you are?
Insolvency is a metal band, with four musicians: Bruno, Mickael, Valentin et moi. We play metalcore with a heavy touch, we just let our influences come in, we love any metal styles like death metal, hardcore, and symphonic metal.

You guys hail from France. How big is the metalcore scene there? A lot of bands and shows, or totally the opposite?
It’s not so easy to play metal in France, we feel like it’s kind of a niche and “underground” for up and coming bands. Not every venue accept metal bands but there is still hope. There is still an upcoming with venues / bars who welcome us so let’s focus on them!

I was very impressed with your debut album ‘Antagonism Of The Soul’. How hard was it to write this album?
Thank you! What has been hard is to all work together as one considering each of us has different tastes and preferences. We faced so much doubts on modern / non modern choices in term of songwriting choices / sounds or anything else. A lot of doubts in everything between ourselves before being able to keep going. Also we needed to be careful to be able to integrate all the songs on this album so being able to keep a “same spirit” but also avoiding to keep it spicy with surprises. We’re very happy of what has been done after this hard work and that brought us ideas for the future

That band already hit the studio in 2016 for the recording of this album. It still takes till January 2018 before the release. Why did it took so long?
It was our first pro album and we started from nowhere and left to ourselves at first. We firstly looked after a studio before looking after partners like a label, press agent, music video director, designer, booking agents… It took a very long time to fulfill the whole project on every steps. We also took time with the studio for the production, knowing we needed time to build a team same time! So yeah it was long but it seemed so short for us and we’re happy to have taken it step by step and we don’t regret anything we did!

The singing style is metalcore but the guitar sound is something you rather hear in power or heavy metal with all that melodic pieces. What bands are the mainly influences for you?
We have so much influences. Even if all of us we like metalcore, some of us are more into deathcore or death metal. Main common bands we like are: Trivium, As I Lay Dying, Bullet For My Valentine. We also like Children Of Bodom, Adept, Nightwish, Amon Amarth and so many others!

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The lyrics of the song ‘Tears Of The World’ are a message for humanity to take more care for our earth. Was that just for one song or is the protection of the environment something that really lives among you guys?
I like to deal with subjects that affects me, I can see on TV, on press, at school. Our future and environment is something I’m worried about and I wanted to talk about this. But I am not the one who is going to change the world and I don’t want to give lessons to anyone, just wanted to express about it.

'Antagonism Of The Soul' has been released very recently. How have the reactions so far been in the metal media? And do you think positive reviews are a necessity for bands to get the album noticed, or do you have faith in people and their own judgement?
The album has been generally very well received, some journalists were impressed of what we deliver for a first album. So we’re very glad of it. What is important to us is just people deal about us even if everything is not perfect, that’s how we all learn and get better. We hope it will keep going and keep growing in France and many countries.

You have a new album. What is next in line? Can we expect a full European tour or is France big enough to play their?
We dream of playing everywhere! Ahah. We don’t have any limit of where we could play (oh time / work / studies can block us on some periods). We already have a tour on East of France and we’re working on other dates including UK for September! We’ll announce it officially nearer the time.

If you could name one band that you absolutely want to share the stage with, which would that be and why?
My personal choice would be While She sleeps, I’m so fan of their music I think there has a feel directly linked to the public and I love that. A musical career is made of each meet and obviously couldn’t exist without the public so we need to thank them every day. While She Sleeps does that so well and so that’s why I’d love to share the stage with them

Alright, time to wrap it all up. Is there anything you want out in the open? The space below is all yours….
We thank each of you all that have listened to us. We are still alive because of you. Keep following us for upcoming news and video and stay tuned to meet us on upcoming tours! Thank you Koen for this nice interview, see you soon!

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