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De duistere rock op ‘Godspeed’ beklijft, ontroert en graaft diep. Crone is de muzikale uitlaatklep van Phil ‘sG’ Jonas (Secrets Of The Moon) en Markus Renzenbrink (Embedded). Na de EP ‘Gehenna’ is men toe aan het volledige debuutalbum, geïnspireerd door tragische, mysterieuze gebeurtenissen, op een bijzonder intense manier vereeuwigd op dit magische album. We hadden een mooi gesprek met bezieler sG.

Door: Vera | Archiveer onder alternative / pop

How and when did the idea come into being to start Crone as a side project/band in addition to Secrets Of The Moon?
Hello Vera! First of all, I don’t see Crone as a side-project. The band has an equal value to me as Secrets Of The Moon. Of course SOTM is the more established one, but that doesn’t really make a difference to me. I moved back from Berlin to Osnabrück some years ago and felt the urge to start something new. There was this old friend of mine, Markus. An amazing musician I always admired for his drum AND guitar skills. We had the idea to jam a bit and after a while we had a few songs that we recorded in a very short time – which became the ‘Gehenna’ EP. We played one show with two fellow musicians and then agreed to make a whole record. It’s 2018 now and here we are.

What can we see as typical characteristics in the music of Crone that you could not canalize in SOTM. In other words: what about musical flame and inspiring artists that made you start a different approach?
There’s always a certain feeling or a certain mood that I want to capture and create on a SOTM record. In other words: I know exactly when I work towards a SOTM release. Crone is the opposite. It’s everything that comes out of my fingers and doesn’t necessarily fits on a SOTM record. That’s the best way to describe it I guess. I write a lot of music. Probably 25% will ever be released. Both bands pick the best from those both worlds.

Can you shine a light on the fellow musicians that accompany you on this musical trip and how did you find them?
Sure. I talked about Markus before. We both started Crone as a two-piece and we played together before in a death metal band called Embedded where I helped-out from time to time. He wrote 50% of the basic material on ‘Godspeed’ and he played both, guitar and drums, on the record. He also brought in Daniel, an outstanding bass player who’s more of a jazz player, but has an amazing vibe. Then we have Pascal, an amazing lead guitar player. I worked with him on the ‘Privilegivm’ record as well, so I knew before what he’s capable of.

It is really a captivating deep draught record. Is it all about extravagant suicides? Are there other subjects as well? Can you go deeper into the lyrical contents of songs like ‘H’ and ‘The Ptilonist’?
Thank you. No, it’s not about extravagant suicides. It’s about individual fates of human beings that touched me in one way or another. Those stories came to me. I didn’t search for them. After a while I had them all together and the idea soon became somewhat a „concept“. I wanted to set those people a small musical epitaph. They shall not be forgotten.

I’d like to know more about your ideas when creating the lengthy title track as well, musically and lyric-wise… Please do how this came into being? The speech impressed me, what is it (in German)?
I forwarded this question to Markus because he wrote the title-track. This is what he said: Musically things just walk their ways… whenever I think that parts might work together I try to combine them, without a special destination. It´s depending on a mood , or comes from a melody I want to place…in this case, Phil told me about his ideas of the topics he wanted to deal with. So it seemed to be fitting to underline this background with the poem you hear . It´s called ‘Im Nebel’ and was written by Hermann Hesse in 1905… intensified by a friend who helped us out as the speaker…

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Wasn’t it hard to draw the line between being observer as an artist and getting too much involved, emotionally?
I got involved emotionally immediately. Probably because I have two kids nowadays. They shaped my being and they made me become a different (better?) person eventually. Which is good. I chose those stories because they also refer to me personally. „Don’t fly – your family needs you home tonight.“

You started in the (post) black metal scène, soon taking influences from other styles, with Crone as most far reaching musical deviation I think. Please tell me about your musical personal development through the years, how you probably started with extreme music and then discovered other things…
I was always interested in dark, deep and devilish music from a very early age, but never too much been an „extreme metalhead“. I adore Morbid Angel or Autopsy but I don’t like death metal e.g. I adore ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’, but most black metal stuff is totally irrelevant to me. So I would say there hasn’t been too much development throughout the years seriously. But when it comes to my music I know more than ever what I want. Albums I create are like pictures in my mind and they come in heavier waves than ever before. I’m grateful.

Your voice is exceptional expressive, with juicy decadence I would even say, but digging deep into emotions. What are your heroes as vocalist? I sometimes think about Bowie, but also Green Carnation and their mighty album ‘Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness’ or In The Woods…
Well, I must say I’m not a good singer. Never was and never will be. But I’m good at excogitating vocal lines and melodies and then I just have to sing them. I don’t want to tell someone else what to sing. My heroes… the dead ones: Lane Staley, Warrel Dane, Gus Chambers, Tom Petty… alive: Mat McNerney, Axl Rose and probably many more that just won’t come to my mind right now.

I always have a congenial feeling with people who isolate themselves from the crowds, digging deeper into the music or the art they can find solace in. Are you also such a solitary soul that finds relief in a fine artful escape?
I think so, yes. Believe me, it’s a burden sometimes. I sometimes wish I could stop creating and just concentrate on other way more stupid things but I can’t. There’s something inside of me that won’t let me rest.

Will Crone be a studio project or are you planning to play live?
We will play one show in Austria in June. That’s what is planned for now. We won’t tour but hopefully play some selected shows supporting ‘Godspeed’.
What about the visual art? Any plans for video clips?
Yes I heard there’s a video clip in the making.

Where did you record the album? Extern producer involved? What about this experience?
We recorded the album in three different studios. It was great to work with three different and very experienced engineers that I haven’t worked with before. They definitely all left their mark on the record. The album was mixed by Matthias Lohmöller, truly one of a kind producer who understood our music right from scratch. I’m pretty sure we will work with him again.

I wish you good luck with the next recordings of the SOTM records. Maybe you can lift a tip of the veil about it here?
Drums are being recorded right now while I’m doing this interview. We got a few very good songs I think. That’s all I can say for now. Time will tell.

If there is anything you’d like to add, please feel free to do it here…
Well, thanks for your interest in Crone, Vera. Spread the word.

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