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Musikmesse presents: Bruce Gaitsch

Long before social media were there, silent legends in the music industry existed. Heroes that were only known by other musicians. The audience would never find out until they started reading booklets. Now, in 2018, still not highly active on online platforms, the fame of Bruce Gaitsch is well-known. He is considered by many as probably the most virtuoso acoustic guitarists in the world and hits from his hands include ‘Right Here Waiting For You’ by Richard Marks and ‘La Isla Bonita’ by Madonna. But the list goes on. And all who know the song, surely know his guitar contributions to it. What is he doing at a metal platform then? Simple, to see how he will like playing amongst so many metal musicians later this week at the 2018 edition of the Frankfurt Musikmesse, held from Wednesday to Sunday. Make sure to go, ask all your friends, it is going to be legendary again. At the moment of the interview, Bruce was already at the airport, waiting for his flight to Frankfurt, so we had to be brief.

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Welcome, you will be playing Musikmesse the coming days. What can the people expect from you?
I am playing on the Guitar Camp a prepared set list: many types of songs. Featuring good friends like....Vinnie Colauita, Patrick Leonard, Richard Marx, Kelly Keagy, Michael Sembello, Ricky Martin, George Hawkins Jr, CJ Vanston and Janey Clewer.

After having played you tremendous hts for so many years, are they still gratifying to play?

What song you cherish the most?
‘La Isla Bonita’ has been very, very good to me financially hahaha.

That is a clear one, yes! This year for the second year in a row Musikmesse presents the Sweat Blood & Tears Box, an intimate setting, opposed to usual booth clinics. How does that appeal to you?
I love it. People can really hear the songs and what you are playing.

The artist roster tends to be a bit more on the heavier side. Although your ballgame is entirely different, do guitarists like that attract you too?
Oh yes, I was one of the first to add rock guitar to RnB back in 1984 and on Madonna’s recordings. Hendrix and Clapton were both Rock Gods when I got started...Dennis Hormes is one of my faves right now.

Will you be trying to see them too? And if so, which ones?
Yes, all of them!

How hard is it for a composer to keep both feet on the ground after your first success?
Easy as hell...the music business requires you to reinvent yourself constantly.

What in general would you say is the best advice you can give to musicians who aspire a professional career in music?
Don’t quit your day gig!

Is there an ingredient or a recipe to a hit song, or is it true that when all comes out perfectly, you still have to find the right wave?
The amount of stars that have to align are incredible...write as well as possible with an artist you respect and hope for the best. Never settle.

I am interviewing you on behalf of a metal magazine. But I still think you rock that acoustic guitar like a master, mister Gaitsch. Thank you for your time. Is there anything you would like to say to close the interview down.
Acoustic guitar is where everything starts for me...electric is fun but I am most serious now as I age with the most perfect guitars ever made. McPherson acoustics...inspirational as anything can be!!!!

Allright, see you at Frankfurt

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