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Soulfly - Nailbomb

'Nineteen ninety-four. Nearly a quarter century has passed since shit got... weird... in the realm of heavy music. If you are old enough to recall, you'll likely remember that this was right around the time that grunge became more than a household name. It was also a time when the powerhouse of extreme metal - death metal, to be more specific - started courting interest from big labels. Heavyweights such as Napalm Death, Entombed, and Carcass all released albums with the majors. Who would've thought Carcass on a major label? Like we said, weird days!

Door: Kim Baarda & Jason Deaville | Archiveer onder different metal

So, it was with a big sigh of relief when the already-mighty Max Cavalera, of the even-mightier Sepultura, announced a side-project featuring himself and Alex Newport of Fudge Tunnel. This promised to be big... heavy... and they delivered with their debut studio effort, 'Point Blank'. It was the perfect album at the perfect time. To celebrate this now legendary release, Max Cavalera, and his boys in Soulfly, recently hit the road to perform 'Point Blank' for those of us who never got to see Nailbomb's lone performance at Dynamo way back in '95.

As a result, our Lords Of Metal Canadian correspondents, Kim Baarda and Jason Deaville, sat down with Max on the Canadian leg of the tour to discuss why it is Nailbomb has arisen from the chaos - unearthing roots buried for far too long beneath the remains...'

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