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Musikmesse presents: Patrick Metzger

We kregen vanuit Frankfurt Musikmesse het verzoek of we ook de artiesten wilden interviewen die wat minder in het metal straatje liggen, maar die wel op Messe op zullen treden. Uiteraard pakken we die kans met beide handen aan, want zo leer je nog eens hoe verdomd hard er ook in andere genres gewerkt wordt. Onderschat het leven van een sessiemuzikant niet. Drummer Patrick Metzer zal nooit een groot fan worden van de dubbele bass drum, maar hij is evengoed een bijzonder veelzijdige hardhitter, met behoorlijke sporen in de AOR. Lees mee en voor de drummers onder ons met een open scope kan er best nog wel eens iets in zijn wereld gebeuren, waar je iets van op kan steken. Want Metzger is een zeer veel geprezen drumleraar. Hij vertelt er hieronder alles over.

Door: Ramon | Archiveer onder hardrock / aor

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Welcome to Lords of Metal. I interview you because of your appearance at Musikmesse 2018. Are you looking forward to that?
Yes of course. I´m looking forward to meet all the other guys, some I still know… and a lot of friends and partners in the music business. That’s the most important thing for me these days, to make your business and your contacts.

What is the reason you were invited for it, you would say?
I am known as a Workshop Drummer in Germany and from my videos on YouTube. And also from my sideman job as the drummer of the German Pop Singer Beatrice Egli, where I play a lot of “Four on the Floor” grooves.

What was the reason for you to want it?
Well, when I saw in my calendar that I did not have any other appointments in the entire period, I wanted to do this job as well. It's a perfect self promotion, and a good thing to meet other people of the scene and make new contacts. Like we get in contact here ;-). It´s a good thing to promote myself as a drummer, clinican, muscian and promote my music and my books.

It absolutely is. In all the things that occupy you as a drummer, like recording, performing live, teaching and even writing, what gives you the most pleasure?
I like the mix of all these different things. Sometime there more live jobs or a tour, sometimes it is more teaching and sometimes more workshops. I think about to do more workshops next year, because in the end of this year we have a tour, and so I will have no time for that. I also think about a new book, but we will see… I always have ideas and I need time to make them happen. So it never get bored ;-)

You also have quite a successful YouTube channel. Although you do not have direct contact with your students there, you can reach a lot more people at the same time. How do you approach that?
I use YouTube as one part of my online promotion. A YouTube channel is your demotape on the Internet, like your homepage is your business card and Facebook, Instagram, etcetera is a flyer or daily magazine. I don´t want to make money with that stuff, I use it only for promotion and like you say, it´s the easiest way to get in contact with other people to make them attentively of my playing and my music. If they like it, the will see more, visit my own workshops, buy my books and music and maybe take lessons. That’s how it works!

You are also going to perform live with Bobby Kimball, of Toto. As a matter of fact, you have been working with many great artists. What do you consider the biggest highlight of your career?
Yes, Bobby is one of the singers I played as a sideman for some gigs, AOR small tours. One of my famous moments was when I opened the “Trommeltage” in Germany in 2013. So I was on stage with Dave Weckl and Mike Mangini, that was a great moment for me. But there are many more stories and moments like that.

Some can only dream of that. You can play many styles and have played on a wide variety of projects. Are there styles or projects you would refused, or do you find a challenge in anything?
Oh sure, I'm not a metal drummer, because my left food is to slow hahaha … I know what I can play, and I know what I can´t play. So I will never take a job, if I´m not sure to play the music. Like metal or bebop… By the way, I´m not known in these scenes and if nobody knows you in that scene, you don´t get a call. That’s my opinion.

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That does indeed make sense, yes! What is still on your bucket list as a drummer?
Wow, many things and different things. I´m 38 and I hope to have time for all that things.

We just have to wait what comes out then. Do you have any endorsement deals of brands you will be representing at Messe?
Sure. I´m an endorser of Yamaha Drums, Sabian Cymbals, VicFirth Sticks, Aquarian Drumheads, Beyerdynamic Mics and InEar Kommunikationstechnik for InEar monitoring.

Do you like the concept of the intimate Sweat, Blood & Tears Box, instead of a stage performance, or a booth clinic?
Yes, I like it and it´s a new idea to make the Messe a little bit more fresh and interesting for visitors.

From your experience, what is the best tip you can give to starting drummers, or drummers who get stuck in their development?
Don´t check only your drumming skills, you have to check also your business stuff and your connections. If you are the great, famous or best drummer in your hometown, but you don´t have any contacts, or you can´t make business, you will have no jobs. Nobody knows you and give you a call. And it doesn’t matter which scene you have: check out what is your special thing and witch type you are. A teacher, a live drummer, a bandleader, a songwriter, an author, a clinician? Whatever… You can´t do everything on a top level. So, choose your best things, work on that and promote yourself in this stuff, and that is what you can get famous for.

Is there any new material of you coming out any time soon?
Yes, I made some new videos in February and they will go online in this year step by step. Like I say, I have a big tour and a lots of festivals and tv shows this summer with Beatrice, so that is the main and it needs priority. Maybe next year it is other stuff like workshops, or otherwise we will see.

What other artists do you really want to hook up with?
At the Messe? As many I can. I have some fixed meetings, but I´m open and free for others things… nobody knows.

What is the most important reason for fans to come and see you and all the other events at Musikmesse 2018?
Generally, I hope that people go away from their computer and check out more live music and see the musicians in real… that´s what a lot of people missing in the last years. It's much more inspiring to see music live as it is on the internet in a video. The Messe or the Drum Camp is one thing that go in the right way to make the live feeling more interesting for all music fans.

Absolutely! Thanks a lot for your time. You are a true inspiration to many drummers worldwide and you give them the tools to grow. Technically and professionally and I respect that greatly! Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of Lords of Metal and the visitors of Musikmesse 2018?
Thanks to have me for that Interview and I like to say that is a pleasure for me, to do this interview for a magazine of a music scene, where I’m not or famous for. That´s really cool.

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