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Het Zweedse Reach heeft met ‘The Great Divine’ een pracht van een melodieus rockplaatje ingeblikt. In Nederland is de band echter nog niet zo bekend. Drummer Marcus Johansson neemt de tijd ons te vertellen hoe het album tot stand is gekomen en wat de plannen voor de toekomst zijn voor Reach.

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Reach is not a household name yet in Holland. Could you tell us something more about how the band came together, how the current line up came together?
Ludvig and I started the band back in 2012 with the plan of making it more like some kind of ‘project’. We had some collaborations with some songwriters who would help us with the songs. The plan at that moment was to play some kind of melodic rock/AOR. We brought in the singer Alex Waghorn and bass player David Jones. The first thing we did was to record and release a video with our hard rock style version of Aviciis mega hit ‘Wake Me Up’ which gained a lot of attention when it was released. After that we recorded our first album ‘Reach Out To Rock’ in 2015 and started do a lot of live shows and touring, mostly with our friends in Eclipse. After a while it didn’t really feel right in the band, we had done a lot of shows and touring and suddenly it wasn’t right anymore. So Ludvig and I talked a lot of what we wanted to do with the band and to take it forward. After a while our bass player decided to quit. And after that Ludvig and I decided that we wanted to make a fresh start with him taking over the vocals and change the direction of the music, and not sound like everyone else.

What or who are the main musical influences for Reach?
We all have different musical influences in the band depending on who you ask. But if you listen to Reach today and ‘The Great Divine’ album you can hear influences from a lot of different bands and artists, it’s really hard to mention just one influence for our sound I guess.

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Your new album ’The Great Divine’ is a very strong and adventurous album, my compliments. How long did it take you to record the album? And who played the keyboards on the album?
Thanks a lot for the kind words! It took a couple of weeks to record the whole album. We had different sessions starting with the drums and finishing with the vocals which always takes the most time to record. But overall it was a really pleasant experience recording this album. We used a really nice studio in the middle of field on the Swedish country side about an hour from Stockholm called Rocksta Sound Ranch.

How and where did Jona Tee get involved?
We knew Jona Tee from a couple of years back, you run into each other on festivals and gigs all the time. He is one hell of a songwriter and keyboard player so it seemed like the only right thing to do to start working with him!

How did the collaboration with Jona go, did he have any influence on the songs or did you have any influence on the production?
Some songs are written by Ludvig himself and some of the songs are a collatoration between him and Jona. And Jona also produced the whole album so yeah, he had influence on the whole album.

Could you tell us how you approach the songwriting? Is this an ongoing thing or did you write the exact number of songs for ‘The Great Divide’?
Ludvig and Jona made a lot of demos for the album and then chose the ten best songs to make it to the album.

In how far are the songs a band effort, seeing that Ludivg writes all of the material?
Ludvig is the main song writer of the band so he writes everything we do. But the band always gets to give feedback and thoughts on the songs.

Are there any specific songs on the album that were harder to record to get them the way you wanted?
Not really, recording the album was a very easy process. Of course some songs are a bit harder to get the way you want. But in the end, the result was amazing!

Are there touring plans for the band? Isn’t it difficult to reproduce the sound of ‘The Great Divine’ in a live setting as a threesome?
We have a couple of club shows in Sweden and Denmark coming up this spring and also a festival show in Stockholm with a bunch of other cool bands. But that’s it for the moment. But one thing is for sure, we really want to get out and tour a lot this year. So keep your eyes and ears open for more dates!

Is there anything else you would like to tell or share with our readers?
If you heard the album and like it we want to thank for the support and really hope to meet you on the stages in Europe real soon!

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