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Als Black Trip was de band al zeker het beluisteren waard, maar in de nieuwe bezetting en met het nieuwe album 'The Outer Ocean' is Vojd helemaal het Thin Lizzy/Kiss pad ingeslagen en mogelijk nog lekkerder. Een update met Joseph Tholl.

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First of all, congratulations with the release of 'The Outer Ocean'; remarkable title by the way; makes a bit curious. What can you tell us about the album title?
It suits fine to our outer space/eternity theme that reoccurs throughout the album. I like to picture a vast cosmic ocean. It reflects unknown territory and the unconsciousness.

You were pretty successful as Black Trip. You've got a new drummer, a new band name and a small adjustment in musical direction. What's the story behind those changes?
A lot of changes happened at separate times since the last album. Jonas disbanded shortly after the release of 'Shadowline' due to lack of time. Then we had to change our name cause of an American band called Black Trip who claimed the name. And as we started the recording of 'The Outer Ocean', Johan and Sebastian decided to quit and go back to Necrophobic. So it's not actually one big plan, it just happened to turn out this way.

The shift towards even more Thin Lizzy and Kiss influences has turned out pretty well. The even more catchy riffs and twin works by the guitars are great. Any plans for working together with bands like Dead Lord or Marvel from your home country, and which bands would you actually put on your wish list to share a stage with?
We take inspiration from anywhere, but the Lizzy thing seem to be something people really stick to. We've played shows with both Marvel and Dead Lord and they're great. I don't know, I like to tour with Cauldron from Canada, they're the best guys.

band imageAny changes in the writing process, and how is this done anyway with you guys; who comes up with the ideas, and how are things worked out towards the final result?
Me and Peter write about 50/50, but Linus and Bentan play a huge part in producing and arranging.
We had less limits on this album than before, I guess we just mixed all the stuff we wanted to do without being to concerned about what kind of genre we're known to play, It all sums up in the Black Trip/Vojd sound in the end anyway.

Is there a personal story behind 'Dream Machine'? This track sounds so passionate and intense, as if personal situations are thrown out.
Somewhat personal but maybe not based on physical reality, It's the dream theme that I've been writing about before.

That tension in the songs seem to be more noticeable than before. Its comes close to Pink Floyd like proportions at times. Do you have an explanation for that?
This album is more dynamic than the previous ones and that also adds more tension. With more mellow parts there is room for more tension and the peaks are more powerful if the valleys are deeper.

Any exiting quotes or gossip from the recording days?
Haha, sorry, there's no rock n roll stories from the studio, we had a few beers a couple of times, that's about as crazy as it was haha.

The cover-art looks like some kind of cult-movie poster; great job! What can you tell about the creative process and the maker of the final product?
We wanted to have a dark cover, that's basically all we knew. We hired Affe Piran to do the lay out and he had free hands more or less. This was the first and only version we saw and we were all really happy about it straight away.

The cover-art and music are very suitable for release on vinyl. Will there be a vinyl version of the album available?
Yes, of course!

Which gear is used with the live gigs and is it different from the stuff used for the recordings?
In the studio we used both Marshall and Orange amps, but Orange is what Peter and Linus prefer, so that's what they gonna use live.

As a final question; any chance of seeing you guys play in our neighborhood in the near future?
For sure, can't tell you when yet, but that will happen

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