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Een tijd geleden kwam Gravity uit Frankrijk met een dijk van een plaat aanzetten – ‘Noir’ zag in november het levenslicht en was voor ons imposant genoeg om de band eens aan de tand te voelen over hun werkwijze. Gitarist Alex en zangeres Emilie hadden nog een gaatje om ons te woord te staan.

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Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us! Before we start off – how have you been?
Hi! Thank you for this interview! Actually, we’re doing really well! We are preparing our French tour for the end of February with Wheelfall and Karma Zero and on June 21st, we’ll be playing at the Hellfest, Metal Corner Stage! We look forward to it!

Now that ‘Noir’ has been out for some time and you did a couple shows in support of it, how has it been received? Has it met your expectations?
Emilie: It was really well received! Actually, we didn’t expect such good reactions. Reviews were great and we’re surprised because a lot of French reviewers understood the message of our album. And this was our purpose because we worked to create a really coherent album with great attention to detail in order to deliver a unique message. The songs, the lyrics, the videos and pictures as well as our backdrops agree with our message. Our last shows were intense too and the crowd was excited. We truly appreciate to play it live.

Personally, I loved the album and the versatility you guys deploy in all of the songs. For the people not familiar with you yet, though, would you mind introducing the band and talk about what you do?
Emilie: We are Gravity, a French modern metal band. Gravity is composed of Alex (guitar), Tim (bass), Richy (drums) and me, Emilie (vocals) and honestly I really don’t know what more I can say! (laughs)

I heard a ton of influences in your sound, creating that versatility I talked about. If you had to name five bands that you see as influences, which would they be?
Alex: Five, that’s complicated, haha! For my compositions I think I added some new sounds influenced by bands I discovered at the time, such as After The Burial, Tesseract, Leprous, Monuments, Uneven Structure or Architects but my main influences remained the same: Gojira, In Flames, Soilwork, Iron Maiden… I can’t speak for the other band-members, though.

Emilie: I have a really eclectic variety of influences. Ranging from Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Janis Joplin to Devin Townsend, Gojira, Cult of Luna and Leprous. The list goes on and I drew inspiration from all of them for the songwriting and my vocals. So yes, five is truly complicated!

I’d like to go in-depth with a couple of songs that really stood out to me, starting with opener ‘Noir’, a heavy, groovy and most of all catchy opener. What made you choose this song as the opener on the album?
Emilie: Exactly for the reasons you quoted! Noir is the French word for “black”. It is the greedy dark beast in every human, an image of what humans are doing to everything. It’s the darkness in our society. This world is inhabited by him. The whole album talks about humans and the “Noir” beast is the common theme connecting the tracks together. It made sense to start the album with this song.

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The groove in ‘Le Premier Eclat’ is really, really infectious and djenty. Do you feel the djent movement and the shift for a lot of metalcore bands is a logical one or one that can feel forced at times?
Alex: I think it depends on the band. For me for example, Trivium on ‘In Waves’ was probably forced. But if that’s what they wanted to do, I can’t judge that. The djent movement is more an influence for us, like Metal, Metalcore or Deathcore. It wasn’t a shift but more like an option. If we think a part has to be djenty we will do it that way. If we feel the next track must be more like traditional death, we’ll do it. No limits. To us, it’s not a logical shift, just a musical choice for some bands and not for the others.

Up next are a multitude of songs under the moniker of ‘Noctifer’. What is the connection between these songs outside of their titles and lyrical concepts?
Emilie: ‘Noctifer’ speaks about the last day of light on Earth and of the eternal night after the death of the Sun. In this little story, we describe the divide between rich and poor. Wealthy people live under glass domes with artificial lights. Meanwhile, poor people stay outside in cold darkness. The rest of the songs on ‘Noir’ have a theme in connection with these five songs and around humans in general. So ‘Noctifer’ is kind of an illustration of the “Noir” beast we described earlier.

I immediately fell in love with ‘Demonarque II’: holy shit that song is evil! It’s been quite some time I heard a metalcore band be this upfront with black metal influences. How did this song come to be?
Alex: Thank you! We wanted this song to be a black metal tribute. It’s an evolution of ‘Demonarque I’ but the chords are just switched to create a demonic atmosphere. I was in a Black Dahlia Murder-period and I wanted a black metal song ending. Everyone agreed with that so we worked hard to bring together the most brutal and black atmosphere on this track.

’Hyperion’ has one of the flashiest metalcore riffs I’ve heard in quite some time coming in at 1:13. Are most of your songs written from a guitar-standpoint or do songs come together more organically?
Alex: Hahaha, I like the « flashiest »! It defines this riff quite well. For the writing process, it depends on the track. Some are written by me on guitar, others by Tim (bass) and some of them are just created in rehearsal with everybody. For example, ‘Hyperion’ hasn’t come from a guitar-standpoint but from a bass-one. But in the end, we all revisit the tracks to fit with everyone’s musical taste. So even if the song’s origin came from one of us, at the end it’s everyone’s creation.

Do you have any personal favorites on the album?
Alex: ‘Le Porteur de Nuit’
Emilie: ‘Noir’ and ‘Dune’
Tim: ‘Indigence Part 1 & 2’
Richy: ‘Le premier éclat’

I was very impressed with the album and I’m anxious to see you guys live. What’s on the horizon for Gravity and will we see you in Holland soon?
Emilie: As I said at the beginning, we are preparing our French tour for the end of February with Wheelfall and Karma Zero. And on June 21st, we will be playing at Hellfest! We are truly impatient, we can’t wait! Sorry, but unfortunately, we haven’t got any plans to come to Holland soon. It would be great though!

Thank you again for taking the time to talk to us. Is there anything you’d like to say to close out the interview?
Thank you for this interview Lords of Metal and I hope to see you guys soon!

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