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Light The Torch

Het melodieuze metalcore gezelschap Devil You Know kwam met twee uitstekende albums in 2014 en 2015. Er wachtte hun een mooie toekomst. Jammer genoeg werd het ene na het andere optreden in onze contreien afgelast. Het werd stil tot in 2018. De band kwam met een nieuwe naam, Light The Torch, en een nieuw album, welke in maart 2018 zal uitkomen onder de naam ‘Revival’. Ik kreeg de kans om frontman Howard Jones, die je vast en zeker nog wel kent van Killswitch Engage, hierover te spreken. Nu was de man nogal kort van stof en antwoordde hij soms nogal onduidelijk en ondubbelzinnig. Daarom is het niet verwonderlijk dat ik hem nu associeer met een soort Bill Cosby op paddenstoelen die als orakel leeft in een afgelegen grot. Het is in elk geval een interview geworden dat me altijd zal bijblijven.

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Hey Howard, how are you. Nice to talk to you.
Hallo, yes. Fantastic. Doing good.

This is about your new album ‘Revival’. A new band name and an album with the name ‘Revival’. Are you feeling young again?
I don’t know about that part. But the name was appropriate for us. It was time for a fresh start. We just been through a lot.

When you compare ‘Revival’ with ‘They Bleed Red’ I hear less metalcore but a very smooth van metal, rock and some metalcore. Personally I like those style very much and I think you will get a much bigger fan scene.
(growling sound…) We weren’t looking for a different thing. We just wrote a different sounded album. Unfortunately Devil You Know it is very dead. We can’t use the name anymore. It is gone. We can’t be selling the albums or the T-shirts. So we have to do something completely else.

Just in ‘The Sound Of Violence’ you all go full speed ahead in a pure metalcore song.
It is just a heavy sound and I just screaming in it. We wrote it and said put it in there and there it is.

The whole album is filled with high quality songs. How hard was it to write?
Francesco is just a fantastic guitar player. He is graduated from Berkeley school of music. How long.. euh… a long time ago. We are working already a long time ago together and it just kind of emerged.

Was it a tough decision to let the name ‘Devil You Know’ go and start all over with a new name?
What is funny is that it was stur and hard. What a lot of people don’t know see what happened is we did an album with Devil You Know 2014 and an album with Devil You Know in 2015. Then a bunch of crap happened and right know it is 2018. Just nothing happened in the middle. I mean professionally happened. We couldn’t work, it had to change a thing. That is just what we have to do.

On the band’s Facebook page, only the band members Howard (vocals), Francesco (guitar) and Ryan (bass) appear but there is no drummer on it. Who did the drumming parts and how will it evolve?
I don’t have an idea but Mike (Sciulara) was on the drums, recorded it and go on tour. I think you don’t have seen a current photo on the website.

The band released the video for the first single ‘Die Alone’. A lot of people like the new sound. But then there are also the haters who think that it sounds to rock orientated. Would you ever listen to those guys and make sure that the next album would sound much harder?
I don’t read comments. I don’t have social media. So why do I read that stuff (laughs).

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So did you received already some reviews for the new album?
I don’t think you know what I just said. I don’t read any social media. I don’t have that. I don’t do that. I work and I love going fishing and hiking. I don’t want to know all that stuff. That is why I just want to get wrapped into that.

So music business is a full job business for you?
Almost for a few decades. Don’t you have noticed all the stuff I put up (laughs). I always write whether I use it or I don’t. I just write. I think sometimes people are looking for something but I just write. What becomes in my mind. That is no inspiration. Just some stuff.

The biography talked about the difficult times with the band name and also personal losses for members. That all had inspired you for this album. You can let go a lot of issues by making music. If you weren’t a musician. What would you have done to blow some steam off? (Maybe sports or extreme workouts or something like that?)
I literally have no idea. I honestly couldn’t tell you. I rather not explore what options that what I have done without music. I really don’t like that question. Especially with the if part. Forget that question, I hate it.

You also did some vocals on the new Dee Snider recording. How was it working with such a legend?
I wrote a couple of songs. I’m singing a song and wrote a song. That is just a dream came through. He is a legend and his voice is a killler. You will see. You will see very soon. He delivers. He sounds good. He sounds so good.

A few years I spoke with Francesco for the last Devil You Know album. There were two shows announced in Belgium. The first with Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach was cancelled right after the terror attack in Brussels. The show in Graspop was cancelled during unknown reasons. Will people in Belgium and the Netherlands ever see Light The Torch playing in our countries?
I would say we keep cancelling that.

You are one of the best vocalists I ever heard. But the most people in Europe only know you from Killswitch Engage and that is also a time ago. In your home country you are a big name but Europe just didn’t learn about you. Could that change in the future?
I don’t know. I have no idea. I really haven’t thought about that. I just do my job and enjoy it. I haven’t heard not much if they know me in Europe. Maybe this album will do something about it.

You still remember how old you was when you first experienced you have such a great singing voice.
It is just a voice. I use it more than another person. I think the first I was singing in a quire when I was a kid. I do remember been in a car with a friend of mine and I was singing something. A guy parked beside us and said you must become a singer. I said you are crazy. I was about eighteen. The guy besides me still is my best friend. So it is a true story.

Thank you for your time, any last words for our readers?
We will be there. We will play some old tunes and new tunes and have some chocolate.

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