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Na zes jaar wachten komt Ataraxy eindelijk met een nieuw album. En ’Where All Hope Fades’ is geen kopie van het vorige album. De band uit Zaragoza is een nieuwe weg ingeslagen en daar wil Lords Of Metal meer over weten. Bassist Edu vertelt precies wat er de afgelopen jaren gebeurd is.

Door: Pim B. | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Hey guys, it has been quiet for a long time. Can you tell us why it did take this long to come up with a follow-up to ‘Revelations Of The Ethereal’, which came out in 2012?
It’s been a long way. It was definitely a thoughtful process and we weren’t in a rush so we just let the compositions flow naturally. That took some time, plus we wanted to rehearse and polish each song as much as possible before entering the studio. Everything was ready by early 2017 and any further delays have been out of our control.

When you listen to ‘Where All Hope Fades’ it seems you kind of reinvented the band. You never were a fast death metal band, but the atmosphere and the songs sound a lot doomier on this new album. Was this a conscious decision to take this path?
Yes, it was a conscious decision. We wanted the songs to go further than what we did on ‘Revelations Of The Ethereal’, to add our own personality to the way we play Death Metal. There’s been an effort to go further in terms of atmosphere, personality and emotion. To delve into something deeper both musically and lyrically. I think we have somehow achieved to find our own sound with both full-lengths, and this new one keeps that natural evolution going. No drastic change but the next step in the band’s path.

Where did you get the inspiration to compose the music on ‘Where All Hope Fades’?
The tracks that are included in this album are the summary of 4 years of our lives where we reflect our existentialist obsessions, reflections regarding the human condition, death and hate, the sense of our existence and the nostalgia concerning the passing of time. While the lyrics of the first album revolved around a classic cosmic horror concept, this new album is based upon the ties between life and death through the passage of time. Existential dread, nothingness, desolation and abandonment of all hope.

I saw a post on your Facebook page from 2016 where you mentioned you were in the studio. When did you actually start recording and when were you finished with the complete process of recording, mixing and mastering? I assume you recorded at the Moontower Studio again with Javi?
We recorded and mixed the album at Moontower Studios in November 2016, and the mastering was done during December if I recall correctly. All Ataraxy releases have been recorded there so far, so it was one of the first options we valued. The professional attitude of Javier Félez, along with the fact that he already knows the band pretty well and offers many different facilities that make the recording easier and more suitable for our tight day job schedules than other studios (since we can't find any studio in our city that can fill our needs) made us repeat with him. This was also the first recording we didn't master at Moontower Studios. We decided to send the recording to Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios to do the mastering. We are big fans of his work with Esoteric and we were sure he would be able to understand the heavier sound we were aiming for.

In addition to the previous questions, when did you actually start writing the material?
The song writing began around late 2012 shortly after the recording of our first album ‘Revelations Of The Ethereal’, and ended around early 2016. We have been playing some of these songs live at least since 2014. During 2016 we added some final details to each song before entering the studio in November.

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This is your first release on Dark Descent Records. Your previous releases came out through Memento Mori. How did you get in touch with Matt and how do you look back on working with Raúl?
I can't remember exactly when the idea came up, we are deeply involved in the underground so we have been in touch with Matt and Dark Descent Records for years, and we have met in person a few times in different Death Metal events across Europe and the States. We are definitely proud to be working with Dark Descent Records and Me Saco Un Ojo, there's no doubt they are releasing some of the most interesting releases in the genre nowadays, they are already doing a great work with us, they offered great conditions and they are very respectful with the band. Memento Mori is a great label and we have nothing but respect towards the work Raúl has done with the band. We are grateful for what he has done with ‘Curse Of The Requiem Mass’ and ‘Revelations Of The Ethereal’. The Ataraxy MCD was his first release so somehow both projects have grown together. He was also the first person to release our work and trust the band, and we really appreciate that. We wish him the best of luck with Memento Mori.

Like the previous recordings ‘Where All Hope Fades’ will be released on vinyl once again by Me Saco Un Ojo. I guess there was no reason to change that cooperation?
As I said, Me Saco Un Ojo is releasing some of the best Death Metal bands nowadays, so it’s great to get our album released by them in Europe. I remember how excited we were when Me Saco Un Ojo and Detest Records confirmed the vinyl release of ‘Curse Of The Requiem Mass’ in 2010, as Detest and MSUO released the best releases of the wave of Death Metal bands spawned around 2008-2009.

Now we mentioned Me Saco Un Ojo, they did release a 7” with two leftover songs from the ‘Revelations Of The Ethereal’ sessions. This 7” came out in 2016, Why did you wait so long to get these songs out?
Those two songs were recorded during the ‘Revelations Of The Ethereal’ sessions, and discarded from the album because we like to keep our full-length releases around the 40-45 minute mark. Quality-wise though, we feel they can stand up there with any of the album’s songs. We didn’t know at that time what we would exactly do with those tracks, and we finally decided to release them together in a 7”, each of them is based on a different H.P. Lovecraft tale so they really match each other, and even the titles sound well-paired (‘The Festival’ and ‘The Tomb’). This 7” was supposed to come out shortly after the first album, in September 2013, but due to different reasons (mostly a long delay with the artwork) it didn’t come out until September 2016. We would have liked it to come out earlier, closer to the ‘Revelations Of The Ethereal’ release, but then again this kind of things are usually out of our control.

Did you record more songs than the ones you released on ‘Where All Hope Fades’ this time around too?
Not this time, we only recorded the six songs that form this new album, but it took us more time than the ten songs we recorded during the 2012 sessions. They are more complex and layered than our previous work so we wanted to make them sound as perfect as possible. We are already working on new songs but those will have to wait until the next recording sessions.

I think that’s all from my side. Anything else you want to add?
Thanks a lot for the interview.

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