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Deconstructing Sequence

Recentelijk kwam Deconstructing Sequence met hun nieuwe plaat Cosmic Progression: An Agonizing Journey Through Oddities Of Space op de proppen, een prachtige en intense reis, zoals de titel al zegt, door de verre uithoeken van ruimte en tijd. Wij spraken met Tiberius en Morph, de twee mannen die deze band begonnen zijn na het besluit de black metal band Northwail (waar zij beide ook deel van waren) op te heffen en tijdens het interview komen we er onder andere achter hoe dit heftige opus tot stand is gekomen, wat de diepere betekenis van het materiaal is en hoe het er voor staat met de Poolse metal-scene.

Door: Bart M. | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Hello there, Bart here from Lords Of Metal, with an interview that we will publish shortly!
Tiberius: Hello Bart and all Lords of Metal Readers! Greetings from cold north-west Poland! Pleasure to have this interview and thank you!

First of all, congratulations with 'Cosmic Progression'. I was blown away by it. It's heavy, it's original, it's different. I hope everyone will give it a try. Lords of Metal has never done an interview with you before, so can you begin with an introduction? Who are you guys?
Tiberius: Morph and me come from a progressive black metal band Northwail which split up in 2011. Back then we already have shown interest in science fiction themes which were also close to atheism, self-struggle and finding your path though the unknown territories. With Northwail ending we however did not want to stop creating progressive, extreme music. We wanted to bring it to a completely different level. We found support from ex Shadows Land drummer J Nerexo who fitted ideally to our new cosmic concept. Deconstructing Sequence started in Taunton/UK where I emigrated for 3years however these days we are all present in Szczecin/Poland. The core of the band are two people: Morph and Tiberius and J Nerexo is our session drummer and lately we started cooperating with Maciej Lis who recorded some bass guitar on the new LP.

Previously you were in a band called Northwail. The sound of Northwail is quite different from that of Deconstructing Sequence, but then again it does show some resemblance. Already it is quite evident that you're not doing anything that has already been done before. What was the reason for Northwail to cease existing and some of you carrying on under a different name?
Tiberius: As you well noted, Northwail was quite different from what we are doing now. We however had songs like 'Shadows Of Oblivion' which was very science fiction and the whole album 'Enigma' from 2008 was very cosmic. Our roots will always stay within black and death metal however we are not afraid of experimenting with other genres. With DS we had an idea in our heads but just after the first EP 'Year One' we realized 100% how to do it. Therefore with every new release you heard a big progress in sound, arrangements and the whole view of our concept. Deconstructing Sequence for us means freedom which we were looking for. We created music that we always wanted to create but for many reasons could not. Northwail split up for many reasons. Our second album 'Cold Season' from 2011 was born in great pain and was not completed without some drastic compromises. In the course of its development some differences between us begun to emerge as to the expected direction of where the band was going. Shortly after completing the recordings we concluded that the formula is no longer viable for Northwail and we decided to split our paths.

Morph: Northwail was started as pure black metal act in vein of Emperor, Satyricon or Enslaved. We were kids back then. Slowly as we grew older our musical tastes developed and broadened. Soon we met Tiberius and Northwail evolved towards more progressive sound. Some of us felt good with it, some didn’t. The newly adopted play style required more and more push, putting ourselves to the edge. With DS we can do whatever we want now.

I read in one of your biographies that after forming Deconstructing Sequence for the time being you were satisfied with creating EP's consisting of two to three songs each. I can imagine with this kind of intense music that you would make such a decision. Yet here we are, after two EP's, with a full length album. What made you decide to do this?
Tiberius: The EP’s were a kind of experiment and we were eager to see what will come out of this new concept. We were very much aware of the fact that the music is so intense that we would melt people’s ears if we did more songs. There is so much going on in these two EP’s that you could make seven-eight songs from them and not four. ('Rediscovered Beauty Of The Internal Evil' from 'Year One' EP is taken from Northwail’s 'Cold Season'.) After the 'Access Code' EP in 2014 we got many great reviews and a lot of the listeners were eager to hear more songs and how we will manage to do an LP. We thought why not?! We had so much material written that we could make an LP without any problems, however we knew we had to arrange them in a different way so that people won’t get brain seizures after two songs heh. Believe me, if we wanted we could make songs like on the EP’s but this would be devastating for the listeners haha! Now we are sure this was the right way to do things. The two EP’s gave us knowledge and experience to create 'Cosmic Progression'

Morph: And this approach turned out to work just great. We’ve got some time to feel comfortable with our new canvas. With our first EP we’ve started cooperation with Arek “Aro” Jabłoński from Monroe Sound Studio, we’ve done drums at his place for 'Cold Season' back in Northwail days and decided to get him as a producer for our new project. He really enjoys working on our stuff, it’s challenging for both sides. We’ve matured this new concept together production-wise and after two EP’s our mutual understanding was good enough to create this massive an epic death metal space opera 'Cosmis Progression' is.

When I read the title of your album I couldn't help but notice it also contained the term 'Oddities Of Space'. Is this a nod to the late David Bowie? And if so, are any of you influenced in any way by him?
Morph: Yes, it is Bowie, hahaha! One of the greatest singers of our times.

Tiberius: Our other influences for this title were Stanley Kubric’s movie 'A Space Odyssey' and Ridley Scott’s 'Alien'. If Stanley would make another movie like 'A Space Odyssey' we would gladly send him 'Cosmic Progression' and he could use it as a movie soundtrack. Let’s take 'Run Starchild…You Are Free Now!' and you will have a perfect song to a science fiction movie.

The first time I listened to 'Cosmic Progression' I was walking outside and it was slowly getting dark. I had to look up to see if there were any red flashes in the sky, heralding some kind of Martial overlord that would come to conquer us. I know that's not what the album is about, to me it's more like a journey through space. Can you tell us what it's about? What's the story?
Tiberius: When we heard the first mixes we did at home we were close to Epileptic Seizure haha. We have seen stars just flying through our eyes and it was so intense that we simply said
“Yes! This is what we wanted to accomplish!” We look at each other and simply laugh and say: “Fuck, we will destroy humanity haha!" 'Cosmic Progression' is about the Universe and extraordinary processes that happened and are happening within it. We have songs about quasars, black holes, supernovas, planet killers. Really crazy shit! We have a song about entering a black hole and how you feel when being there...not a pleasant experience btw. The songs and the cosmic themes however hide other themes which are atheism, self struggle and forging towards perfection. The universe is a perfect theme to talk about God and why he is not there, about being pulled by higher forces and trying to break through and forge ahead. It's a giant battlefield but so is also life.

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The album is filled with blast beats, riffs and a ton of....well, sounds. They all fit together perfectly around the theme you created and manage to create so much atmosphere that when I close my eyes and listen to it I can feel the shivers run down my spine. It doesn't sound like something you put together on a rainy afternoon. I am wondering, how does the songwriting process go? How do you decide what instruments and sounds to use?
Tiberius: Writing DS music is always a combination of riffs from both me and Morph. When we have ideas, we write them down and when they are accepted by both of us we work on making them sound unique. Like I mentioned we had so much material written that we could try many different ideas for arranging every song. Having a lot of material is always very important. We are not pressured by labels and not follow any rules or trends. If something that we come up with sounds good and it for example comes from a post rock idea, then it is simply good and we use it. We however tend to take this other genre ideas and deconstruct them into smallest pieces and then put them back together creating something completely new and fresh. We also have our own way of writing music, riffs and arranging the songs. For this record we had a clear idea on what we want to accomplish, we wanted all instruments to live their own lives. We took nearly all “third” guitars and changed them into synthesizers. You have then two rhythm guitars on the sides, middle is synthesized “third guitar” and on top choirs, effects and vocals. Using synthesizers as guitars gives you this cosmic atmosphere that you like so much. When choosing sounds we follow intrusion and simply listen to all instruments together. When we are sure it’s the right one then we use it. The sound also has to fit into the mix so we look into what is next and that some great samples simply won’t fit into the music. You cannot forget about powerful drumming by J Nerexo, we gave him a lot of space on this record as he has done a really amazing job!Just so that you know the snare sound is not programmed and it’s a human playing it. We wanted this kind of snare sound simply because we like to hear blast beats when they are played. With this record you will hear the drums no matter what! We also are Berzerker (Australian industrial death metal band - Bart) fans so I am sure you know what we mean hah! We listen to music a lot and we have our opinion on records and production. When listening to music we want to hear what should be heard and not pretend we hear it!

Another thing that I love about 'Cosmis Progression' is the artwork (also of the video). There's a lot of great artwork in the wondrous world of metal, but it's not often that I can stare at it for hours at a time. Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but you probably catch my drift. Who is the artist and how did he/she/you come up with these images?
Tiberius: Graphic imagery of 'Cosmic Progression' was developed by several very talented amateur artists. The video was brought together by a dear friend of mine who wanted to help in this cosmic project.

Before the album was released you have made 'Memories Of The Earth, Memories Of The Sun' into a lyric video. It's a great way to showcase the album, I think it has a lot of the elements that are present all along the ride. Why did you choose this song and how were the reactions on the video?
Tiberius: We have chosen 'Memories Of The Earth, Memories Of The Sun' simply because it’s a great song! It also tells a story that happened in space about searching for New Life and facing the powers of the Universe. You listen to the music, you read the lyrics, see the pictures and you can immediately fall into our cosmic adventure. This song is also a perfect example of how we wanted this record to sound.

Morph: This is by far my favourite song of the album, it achieves a lot of depth with as less cluttering as possible. It has a very mysterious and unsettling intro that at one tense moment develops into soaring cry of blast beats and siren-like synths that tear your souls apart! Also it has the best synthwork.

You were first located in the UK, and later on moved back to Poland. Can you tell us the difference between the English and the Polish metal scene? I am especially interested to learn how alive this kind of music is in Poland.
Tiberius: There is a huge difference in the metal scene when you consider Poland and Great Britain! I had many conversations in Taunton with Glen (bass player for Electric Wizard) who told me how the English metal scene is disappearing. There is less and less metalheads on the streets and seems that the old generation of finest UK Metal is decreasing. You have just one big festival Bloodstock and not many big Metal Magazines. The underground is still strong though but if I compare it with Poland, Polish metal scene is on fire these days! We of course got Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader, Hate which are there for many years but take a look at the bands that are truly booming now: Mgła, Batushka, Azarath, Anima Damnata, Furia, and many, many more! Polish underground is very strong and you can see it through labels, magazines and tons of festivals and gigs happening in Poland. There is something in Poland and the music made by Polish bands, I am not sure what it is but it’s special. It definitely has something to do with the situation in Poland. Of course it’s getting better economically but there are still doubts about buying guitars, drums because they cost a lot. Parents won’t simply buy a instrument for their child just like that, because he or she has seen something on the TV. They will think that it’s a waste of money and that probably the child will stop playing very quick. Therefore if someone decides to spend the money on instruments or earn money to buy one there is a huge chance that he will put a lot of effort in practicing. These kind of people appreciate and will keep going! I believe this is a big difference between Poland and UK or US where money is and the “start” is far much easier.

Without looking too far into the future, have you any idea on where Deconstructing Sequence is going from here?
Tiberius: This New LP 'Cosmic Progression' is not the last release of Deconstructing Sequence. We already are working on new songs, actually have around five-six of them almost ready and rehearsing. We always look into the future, into the stars. When we stop writing music then this will be crushing for us. We are always thinking about new stuffs, new ideas and want to continue delivering weird, odd extreme music!

And finally, is there anything I didn't ask you about that you want to share with our readers?
Tiberius: Thank you very much for this interview! We hope that you will listen to our LP and find your own Universe like we did. Keep on following us on our facebook page and share the news about DS. 'Cosmic Progression' will be released on 30th of March 2018 through Via Nocturna Records so make sure you visit and get a copy from them or simply by writing to us.

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