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Wanneer je als band het lef hebt om te stellen dat wanneer de luisteraar niet tevreden is met de huidige muzikale koers van Iron Maiden en dat je daarom maar naar hun moet luisteren heb je of last van grootheidswaanzin of je weet waar je mee bezig bent. De meniningen zullen ongetwijfeld verdeeld zijn maar na het luisteren van 'Never Seen Again', het nieuwe album van het Zweedse Starblind vond ondergtekende het wel de moeite om er eens een interview aan te wagen waarom de band dat zo stelt. Bassist Daniel Tillberg is zo vriendelijk om tekst en uitleg te geven over het nieuwe album en de Iron Maiden quote. Blijkt toch dat we het vooral niet zo letterlijk moeten nemen daarmee.

Door: Henk | Archiveer onder heavy / power metal

Hey guys, I just received your new album 'Never Seen Again'. Although it reminded me very much of a certain English band it is also just a great heavy metal record. Compared to your previous work it is a big step forwards especially in the vocals. How did you find your new singer Marcus?
Hi there, Henk! Thank you for the kind words. When Mike left the band we really needed someone who was able to shoulder his energy and power in the songs. At first we actually used an internet ad to find someone. After a couple of failed auditions, we drew the conclusion that it isn’t easy to find good people who are great singers, good personality and have the right spirit. By then we found out through contacts that a guy called Marcus might be interested to join the band. We all got together and tried a couple of songs, and after that we actually didn’t have much to discuss. I believe we agreed that we found the 5th member of Starblind before we left the rehearsal that evening.

Do you see the new album as a new start for the band and what are the plans for the near future?
As a band, you always develop from one album to another. You’ll get more experience and being more comfortable working as a group. In this case we had a new member who made a fantastic job participation in the writing of the lyrics and having feedback to the songs. So the answer will probably be a small YES because it is always a good thing to have new blood in the writing process. The plan right now is to make the final preparations for the release of the album (24th of November), and at the same time we’re rehearsing for our release gig in the beginning of January in Stockholm. The plans for the rest of 2018 aren’t nailed yet so unfortunately we cannot reveal anything yet.

In the accompanying bio you state that everyone who has problems with the current Iron Maiden sound should try Starblind. Can you explain what you mean with that? It's not that Iron Maiden is such another band compared to their previous material?
That´s just a tagline really. We are not really trying to become the new Iron Maiden, and we aren´t trying to over shine anything they´ve done. We have lots of different influences in music, and Maiden is only one of them. We just write what we feel are the best songs we can get out of our brains, and that’s Starblind.

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Personally I think that your new album has a lot in common with Maidens 'Brave New World'. Did you use that album as a blueprint? Can you explain with what idea the writing process started for 'Never Seen Again' and how you recorded the album?
No, we had no such plan. Every member wrote material this time, and we just threw them in a pile and selected the ones that were suitable for an album. And this is what you´ll hear on 'Never Seen Again'. No blueprints or anything. Just the music we love to play. We really want our albums to have the right energy and feel dynamic. To achieve that sound we recorded the instrumental parts live in the studio. The only thing added afterwards is keyboard and of course the singing and harmonies/chorus.

The album cover is done by Timo Wuerz. It is really different from the two other albums. Have you ever thought of creating album covers that reflect who you are as band like some other metal bands like Helloween, Kreator, Maiden or Megadeth did? Also, how did you met Timo and was his cover based on the song 'Never Seen Again' or was it an already existing painting?
We want our album cover to reflect the feeling and theme from the songs on that specific album. It’s a fantastic feeling to be able to listen to the songs and feel that they’re connected and being visualized on the cover. We’re really satisfied with the great work Timo made for us and we’re happy that we got in contact with him through our record label Pure Steel Records. We had an idea of what could be a cool cover and told Timo the story behind the songs, and then he got free hands to paint it for us.

Although I can imagine that Iron Maiden is your biggest influence which other bands have influenced Starblind and to which bands do you listen currently?
All of us listen to completely different bands and music. But to sum it up; most NWOBHM-bands, early 80´s-late 70’s metal, German power metal and progressive rock.

Are there any touring plans for the coming months? The only thing we can tell you right now is that our release gig will take place in Stockholm early 2018. The rest of the year is still being planned.

Okay, thank you for taking the time for the interview. If you have anything left to mention to our readers here is your chance! Cheers guys!
You are very welcome and we would also like to thank you! It has been an honor. Keep your eyes open on our web page and our Facebook page for news.

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