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Nesseria uit Frankrijk speelt een hele pakkende mix van post-hardcore en post-black met zo nu en dan een flink venijnig randje. De nieuwe plaat ‘Cette Erosion de Nous-Memes’ wist ons zo te grijpen dat we gitarist Jerome graag even aan het woord wilde laten erover.

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Hi! Congratulations on the release of ‘Cette Erosion De Nous-Mêmes’, your third record since your formation in 2003. Before we start off: how have you been?
Hi! Thank you so much for your nice words! It’s our third album since the beginning of the band. Three albums in fourteen years, you might think we are lazy but we made a demo, a maxi and four split with different bands. From Sweden with Grizzly Twister, first band of This gift is a curse’s singer, Jonas. From USA with Clinging to the tree of a forest fire with Ethan form Primitive Man, from Japan with Mu Neu-John and Cyberne from Japan and with Fuck The Facts from Canada!

With the album out a little over a month now and having done some shows in support of it, how has the album been received? Has it met your expectations?
For the moment we are getting a lot a good feedback! There are more people coming to our shows and they look very interested in our new influences and our new songs. But to be honest we have some bad reviews from people who like our old grind sound. it’s not violent or dark enough or it’s too “normal” now but we don’t care. Fuck them. Since our second album we wanted to stand out from the scene we are confined to because we have many influences and it's frustrating to be confined to just one style! So okay, maybe our music is not very original but for us it’s very exciting to explore new things! People don’t like changes. Routine is soothing. But I think we expected this kind of reactions.

Would you mind introducing the band to the people that haven’t heard of you yet?
We are a five piece band, based in Orléans but only the drummer and our bassist are actually from there. The guitarist lives in Nantes, the singer and I are living in Paris. It’s not easy to organize rehearsals but we deal with it! We have a lot of influences just as well in music, movies, arts, vision of life…so we try to mix all this things to create our music as honest as possible. We’re also going through singers pretty quickly. Dez is our seventh….

Before we go in-depth on a couple of songs that really stood out to me, I gotta talk about the artwork: what a beautiful cover. What can you tell me about it?
We a like it a lot too, I never see this kind of work before in our scene ! We are working with Alex Eckman-Lawn from our first album! Our previous covers were dark and urban, but we wanted to get out of that and evolve in a different way. He worked on the cover by using the Diorama technique. So the artwork has the virtue of being different from the genre's classics and presents a new artistic blooming for all of us. The main character express this idea of self erosion but I prefer when people make their own ideas without explanations. The first idea was based on Magritte’s work of art that’s why you have to make your opinion on this cover it’s a free interpretation different meanings. I like when people can have introspection in art (music, movie ect.).

Opener ‘On prendra l'habitude’ is one of the more in-your-face openers I’ve heard this year, grabbing the listener by the throat from the first fast beat. What made you choose this song as an opener?
It’s funny because it was the first song I composed with my drummer during a duo rehearsal time in 2014. It wasn’t a hard song to write. We chose to put in first because it’s very punchy, intense, and catchy. Every riff grabs you and the end is very melodic and epic. I think this track condenses all of the album’s elements!

You shot a video for ‘Les Ruines’, presumably for it to be the lead single. What was shooting the video like and how did it come together?
I don’t really know if it’s a lead single but we want to assume of new influence and for sure this song can destabilize people who have been listening to us for a while now. We want to hustle habits. Personally, I love this song it reminds me of Amanda Woodward. One of the best Screamo French bands by far. We shot this video the next morning we played with Gojira in a French Festival call Terre du son. We just slept three or four hours, woke up very early and done it in four hours with our friend from Blind Bird!

’A L’Usure’ is one of my favorites on the album for its blistering heartfelt emotion. How did this song come about?
It’s the more brutal rupture for the band. You like this song or you don’t. All the review talk of this track, it’s cool. This idea was brought after the line up changed. Very soon, our singer Désiré proposed this idea. We all subscribed to the project even if creating a track like this was quite difficult at the first try! Finally, it was the faster and easier track to be composed. It’s the favourite song of our singer and we play it first live!

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’St-Petersburg’ trades a lot of the post-harcore influences for post-black and black metal influences and it shines in its melancholy. Excuse me for not speaking your language perfectly, but what are the lyrical themes on the album?
I think it was one of my favorite song with 'Cette Érosion De Nous-Mêmes'. I like this type of riffing, post black, post hardcore. It’s more easy to mix hardcore parts and melody. It’s vert expressive and I like 'Oathbreaker' as you can hear on this track. Lyrics are linked to the cover of the album. The central character is a projection and a representation of an idea we had for a long time: every day, you're always wearing different masks according to every situations and according to our lives too. This is the idea you can find the title of the album 'Cette Érosion De Nous-Mêmes' and this is the idea expressed with the lyrics and music in 'À L'usure'. But we heard about European politic in 'Forteresse'. 'St. Petersburg' talks about our life on tour especially in Russia. You think about a lot things in a van…
To sum up our lyrics talk about us, life, society, politic, you, me and the rest!

’Forteresse’ is probably the heaviest and most furious song on the album. Do you feel writing these kind of songs is easier or harder than writing the more emotionally driven, less aggressive songs?
Hm, I just talk for myself, I think it’s not harder or easier, every songs has difficulties. The more difficult is to create an aggresive song with an emotionnal touch! My dream is to create an album as good as 'Kollapse' from Breach or 'You Fail Me' from Converge. They mix all elements I like to play! Musical parts, aggressive and emotional moments.

’Dans L’Ombre Et Sans Visage’, which means something like “in the shadow and without a face” immediately grabbed me through its haunting chord progression and brooding atmosphere. I really loved the black metal verses. How do you approach dynamics in your songs?
Our sound engineer say it’s sound like a big destroyer from Star Wars. It would have been very funny (and kitch) to put some violin part and a big choral on it!!! Seriously we are not specialist in black metal. I just like the atmosphere. When you play a dark chord progression with a lot of reverb in a Marshall cab it’s gorgeous. I never voluntary play black metal in song because i have so much respect for this style and don’t want to parody this music. But when i want to play a dark atmosphere it just sound as black metal riff. Sometimes year ago, for our first and our second album we don’t really have an approach, we jam and find riff randomly. But now we have a better vision of our music. We are two guitarist so i just talk about my method but, I “think” songs in my head and I tried to do my best to translate my mind with my instrument and effects. I record a lot riff and idea in my computer so it’s a good tool kit to complete creation. For now we try to add more complexity in the composition and the structures but, paradoxically, the all of it is more fluid than before.

The title track closes the album instrumentally. Why did you choose this song as the closer?
For two reasons, our albums or split have an instrumental track! 'Les Filles De Dieu', 'Omayra' or 'Mercure'. We like post rock and instrumental part so we naturally composed this. I hope we do it more and more for the next album! The second reason is link with the track list. We made a coherent artistic choice. As a matter of fact the tracklist symbolize very well the idea of the doubt corrode to the erosion and this final song is the best to finish the album. It’s like an ending film score. We play to close our live shows.

In terms of influences, are there certain bands or artists that you value greatly in the sound of Nesseria?
Yeah we a lot of influences! We are very fan of the 90s/2000 screamo scene with band as Envy, Sed Non Satiata, Daitro, Amanda Woodward or post hardcore/noise scene with band like Breach, Unsane and Eden Maine. We also like band as Mogwai. Our bassist is also a big black metal fan. Our singer likes Katy Perry. Nobody is perfect.

I want to thank you so much for your time. Is there anything else you’d like to say to close out the interview?
Thank you for your interest ! Hope to see you and your readers in our next live show in our country. Also we shoot a new video clip at the end of the year…..very early in the morning….again...

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