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Fateful Finality

Duitsland is het trash metal land bij uitstek en met internationaal goed scorende thrash metal bands als Kreator, Sodom en Destruction is het land sterk vertegenwoordigd in de scene. Maar daar achteraan hobbelen nog heel veel andere goede thrash metal bands. Fateful Finality uit het Zuid-Duitse Weil der Stadt (Stuttgart) is er daar één van. Met het winnen van de Wacken Metal Battle Germany in 2012 verwierf de band in één klap een hele boel bekendheid. Het tweede album 'Battery' werd vervolgens via Steamhammer / SPV uitgebracht. Inmiddels zijn we aanbeland bij album nummer drie dat via Fastball Music uitkomt. 'Mankind' is een heerlijke moderne thrash metal plaat geworden en aangezien we in Nederland nog niet zo heel veel van deze band gehoord hebben, wordt het toch maar eens tijd om een praatje te maken met Fateful Finality. Zanger en gitarist Patrick Prochiner staat ons graag te woord.

Door: Dennis | Archiveer onder speed / thrash metal

Congratulations on the release of your third album 'Mankind', which is, in my opinion, your strongest release to date! I am totally digging it! How have the reactions been so far? And how did your CD release party go last month?
Thank you so much! It always good to get as much feedback as possible… even the complaints. But it feels good to get such rewarding and motivating returns from enthusiastic listeners. And it honors us as a writing and hardworking band that we can say, that most reviews or comments from people are positive. And our release party was pretty much kind of a kick-off. We had a lot of friends and family around us but also new faces standing in front of the stage celebrating with us. And all these guys gave us an overall good feeling about sending out 'Mankind' into the world.

Fateful Finality won the Wacken Battle Germany 2012 and you guys represented Germany at the Wacken Metal Battle at the Wacken Open Air Festival. Did this win open new doors for the band and in what ways have you benefited from it?
To be honest, it was not that kind of game changer, some guys might expect. But of course for us as band, meaning four guys that hang out and love to make music together, it was an incredible experience. And certainly you get to meet a lot of amazing people like guys from other great bands, magazines and all over the music business. So one big benefit was that simply pushed and motivated us.

How do you look back on this whole Wacken Metal Battle, and would you recommend other bands to participate in this contest?
As mentioned it was an overwhelming experience, not just for every one of us as a musician, but for us as a band writing our own songs. So we appreciate the work and passion the guys of the Wacken Foundation and we can highly recommend the participation in the Metal Battle. Especially for dedicated new-comer bands.

You released your debut album 'King Of Torture' in 2011 independently. Your second album 'Battery' was released on Steamhammer / SPV almost three years later. This was the album that followed after all the media exposure at the Wacken Metal Battle. How come you took such a long time to release a new album, since you had quite a buzz going in the scene right after the Wacken Metal Battle?
That´s a question we hear pretty often, but the answer might sound quite ordinary. First of all, all of us have 'normal jobs' for a living and to finance the whole stuff we´re doing. And beside the rehearsals, the shows and the song writing there is a sequential process from the first ideas, sessions and phrases leading to the released album. And not to mention, that unfortunately it´s not free of charge… what we – again - have to work for.

In your opinion, was 'Battery' a successful album?
I guess it´s hard to measure the success of a single record in a valid scale (except the number of sales maybe), but looking back on what the making of 'Battery' meant to us and what we experienced during the time writing, recording and playing that album, I think you could say is was a success to us.

The new and third album 'Mankind' has just been released on the relatively smaller label Fastball Music. How did you land a record deal with them?
In the mean time we have guys that help us out with certain non-musical duties. So one day, after the business relation to SPV/Steamhammer ended, our manager came up with this obviously smaller but though well organized and highly motivated label called Fastball Music. So we gave it a try and we´re all quite pleased in terms of working with each other.

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You wrote thirteen new songs for this album. Was it an easy process to write this material? What can you tell about the writing process of 'Mankind' in general?
You could say that we have a pretty much established process writing songs. But of course every single song takes its’ effort. After composing and arranging a song we create either a story that matches the attitude of it or we adapt existing lyrics to the phrasing we have in mind. Followed by some fine tuning. According to the ideas we want to transpose, this happens within days or weeks.

Which bands influenced you while you were writing the music for 'Mankind'? I am hearing a lot of Testament and Darkane in your music…
Bands like Testament, Machine Head, Kreator, The Haunted or Lamb Of God are bands we simply listen to every day. So I guess it´s natural that the sounds we´re looking for during songwriting resemble the sounds we´re surrounded by. Of course not in terms of cribbing or even copying, but in the way something sounds right.

'Plaque In The Rain' is quite a different song from the rest of the material. It is a bonus track and a ballad. Where did you get the idea to write this song?
The song 'Plaque In The Rain' is based on the sad story of losing a beloved person and it was written in the view of occasion. Since this ballad arose while 'Mankind' was written, we thought it would be the right thing to let it be a part of our latest album.

What can you tell about the lyrics on 'Mankind', what topics do they cover? Are the lyrics important for Fateful Finality?
Yes, we try to give our songs a message, a deeper meaning. Some of them just try to stir up a certain feeling, like being relentless. There are stories to tell or situations in our society, we absolutely don’t understand, like the lack of charity, callomania and factory farming, just to name a few. As said, the lyrics and the songs are meant to make you find yourself or to initiate thoughts about circumstances regarding our mankind that, in our opinion, are just not right.

Your shot a pretty cool video for the song 'Now More Than Ever'. Tell us something about it!
It was an awesome time shooting that video, although it was kind of hard for the volunteers and us. We were shooting in an old and neglected area near Berlin. For the Idea behind the video we had to bring a lot of equipment that had to be carried around and had to be operated until the break of dawn. But luckily we received a lot of support from our friends that we could accomplish everything within the limited amount of time we had.

You have announced that the band will tour in Autumn / Winter 2017 / 2018. Will you also be playing in The Netherlands?
Unfortunately the planning is not yet done and some plans already had to be postponed. But of course will try to play shows for our friends in the Netherlands!

Now that the record is out, what else can we expect from Fateful Finality?
Since we´re not thinking about leaning back there will be actually a lot to expect from us. We´re always planning new shows around Europe all over the globe. We´re busy working on new merchandise and we even started writing new songs …we´ll keep you up to date with posts and videos.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?
Sure, feel free to like, follow and contact us via social media. You could even write us a letter. But most of all, come and see us at one of our shows, support Metal and stay heavy!!!

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