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Antzaat kletste me serieus tegen mijn hoofd met hun debuut ‘The Black Hand Of The Father’, en omdat ik met m’n zogezegd alwetende underground kop van alles op de hoogte ben, wist ik toch weer niet van het bestaan van deze fantastische nieuwe band, waardoor ik wederom genoodzaakt om wat informatie los te peuteren. Ronarg en Eenzaat waren zo vriendelijk om mij in te lichten over zaken die ik reeds sinds lang had moeten weten en daaruit blijkt bijvoorbeeld dat de heren van Antzaat maar een verwaarloosbare veertig kilometer van mijn huis repeteren. Daar gaat m’n laatste restje geloofwaardigheid. Wat zij nog willen delen met de rest van de wereld kan je hier lezen.

Door: Koen S. | Archiveer onder black metal

Hi guys, thanks for your great debut ‘The Black Hand Of The Father’. I’ve enjoyed it a lot and I will be enjoying it in the future as well. First of all, we’ll be doing this interview in English, but where do you guys live in this small country called Belgium? Can you tell us something about the metal scene in your hometown?
We're not all from the same town, but we rehearse in Heist-op-den-Berg. (a municipality located in the Belgian province of Antwerp). The 'scene' around these parts used to be more alive than it is today but it is certainly still there. I guess this is because people grow up and don't really have time and energy anymore to organize something. And when they do organize events it’s always on a smaller scale.

You were, and still are, a big unknown for me. I couldn’t find a lot of things concerning Antzaat and there’s little information available about the band members: is that a strategic choice or is it coincidence?
It’s not too hard to discover the identity of the band members. We wear hoods and masks because for us it is more practical and more fitting to the musical concept than other things like corpse paint for example. We deliberately counter the anonymity of the masks by marking each band member with a sign matching their personalities. Therefore, we remain as individuals in a whole.

’The Black Hand Of The Father’ is a dark and melodic little black masterpiece with the perfect sound for this style, can you tell us something about the writing and recording process of your first release?
Ronarg started off by writing the music, which we then rehearsed and made lyrics for. When we had a set of five songs, we decided it was time to record an EP. We recorded the drums first at Zwaneberg CC and afterwards we recorded the rest at home. Then we sent the full package to Owe Inborr of Wolfthrone Studios in Finland, who we know does a fine job of mixing and mastering great Black Metal releases.

I wrote that your song ‘Circle Of Leeches’, for example, sounds like a mix between Sargeist and Uada (and that’s not because you also wear hoodies like the guys in Uada, haha). Can you find yourself in this statement and why/why not?
Personally I don't really know Uada all that well, but Sargeist and (early) Gorgoroth are the main source of musical inspiration for Antzaat.

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What about the album title and the lyrical content of songs as ‘Disciples of the Concrete Temple‘ and ‘Hierachy of the Battered’? In what way does the beautiful artwork of ‘The Black Hand Of The Father’ relate to the lyrics?
Most of the lyrics were created from a dystopian view on our direct surroundings. The artwork and title of the album refer to a dark presence lingering in the background. Like a black hand from a dark cloaked figure slowly moving chess pieces on a board. Other pieces from the lyrics are based on occult literature.

By the way: what is the meaning of ‘Antzaat’?
Antzaat is an old Dutch word. To be an antzaat is to be hostile and hateful, to be “against”.

You are on the Immortal Frost Productions roster, together with Ronarg’s other band Ars Veneficium and Astral Winter from Australia, Azaghal from Finland and the international black horde Doedsvangr: was it important for you to have your debut released by a mainly black metal label?
Without a doubt. With Immortal Frost Productions we have a partner who knows how the Black Metal underground works. Something we wouldn’t have with a Thrash Metal-oriented label.

Antzaat has recently started playing live. Tell us about your experiences during those first shows and are there any upcoming shows we should know about? Do you have plans to tour around Europe to promote the new album?
Our first show was abroad, which is not a typical thing to do. It was an overall great experience and a perfect way to see how things go in a live setting. We have a mini-tour planned at the end of November with Blaze of Perdition and Ars Veneficium. On this tour we will play in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Immortal Frost Productions is also organizing a festival in Mechelen for some bands on their roster. Clearly something to look forward to this April.

Most important: when will we see the first Antzaat full length released upon us, miserable mankind? Did you write more than the five songs that are on ‘The Black Hand Of The Father’ yet?
Ronarg is writing more songs for us to rehearse and prepare for our next shows. So no worries, you will hear more from Antzaat!

Thanks for your answers! And thanks for letting us be part of your musical escapades. I hope we’ll see Antzaat on stage again in the near future and we’re all stoked for the release of your full length debut. This is the moment to say some last words to our readers. Cheers!
We will be releasing more merchandise in the future and are preparing for our full length album, so keep an eye out, cheers.

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