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The Dirty Denims

Exact zes maanden na de release van het eerste deel, maakten The Dirty Denims uit Eindhoven Rockcity onlangs hun ‘Back with a Bang!’ tweeluik compleet met de toevoeging van zes nieuwe songs. Na een pauze van een jaar door de wereldreis van (de inmiddels definitief vertrokken) drummer Thomas, stond de band te springen om nieuw materiaal uit te brengen. Daarom werd besloten het album in twee delen uit te brengen. 27 oktober was het zo ver en werd het tweede deel van ‘Back With A Bang!’ uitgebracht gevolgd door een CD-presentatie in The Saint in Eindhoven twee dagen later. Na eerder dit jaar een puike show van dit rockende kwartet in het voorprogramma van Extreme te hebben mogen aanschouwen, belande ook ‘Back with a Bang!’ op de redactie van Lords of Metal. Reden genoeg om frontvrouw Mirjam Sieben eens aan de tand te voelen over het nieuwe werk en het reilen en zeilen van de energieke Eindhovense rockband.

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The Dirty Denims are back with a bang! Your new album ‘Back with a Bang!’ was released on October 27, but, six months earlier you already released the first six tracks on this record and now you have added another six tracks to the tracklist making it a 12-track full length album. How come you released the album in two parts?
In 2016 we had a break, and we and our fans were craving new material. So that's why we wanted to release new music as soon as possible. And now it's finally there: the complete album! Available on vinyl and cd!

Because your former drummer Thomas was taking a break in order to travel the world you put The Dirty Denims on ice for a whole year. When he returned you came back together again, but soon Thomas left the band again. What happened?
It soon turned out he was missing the traveling too much. He wanted to travel again and that's not a great combination when you're in a band. We are glad we already knew a great drummer of The DC/DENIMS: Jordi. He is now in The Dirty Denims and he's killing it!

During the period where The Dirty Denims were inactive, three of you played in an AC/DC cover band, the DC/Denims. Are you still playing gigs with this band?
Yes, sometimes we will play with The DC/DENIMS. When we have time and energy to find us gigs and play gigs besides the shows of The Dirty Denims.

Do you prefer to play AC/DC songs or your own material?
We love AC/DC so it's great to play those songs! But making your own music has the priority.

I saw you guys support funk metal band Extreme in Utrecht last Summer. How did you land this gig and how was it to open up for Extreme and their fans?
We asked the venue very long ago, but didn't get a response until a few weeks before. We were so amazed! It's such a great band, and they were very kind backstage as well. They loved our show, singer Gary even asked for our shirt himself. And we also received a very positive response from the crowd.

It was also the first gig for your new drummer Jordi Baselsmans, did this put extra pressure on you guys?’
Not on us, but on Jordi it did, haha! But he loved it. First a very small pub show was going to be his first show, and now he had 2,000 people in front of him. It turned out all well.

Besides sharing the stage with Extreme, you also opened up for Slash, Drive Like Maria, Golden Earring and Steel Panther amongst others and festivals are also really happy to book The Dirty Denims. What’s the secret behind all these high profile gigs?
Working hard, daring to ask and having the skills to really engage a crowd, so they are warmed up for the headliner. We are so proud we got to play three shows with Steel Panther and five with Golden Earring since they liked our show so much.

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Can you tell us something about the recording process of ‘Back with a Bang’? And are you satisfied with the result?
Oh my god, we can't describe how happy we are with our new album. It's really our best one so far. We know that all bands say that, but it's really true. Engineer Roel Blommers really knew what we wanted, and we've played and sang our best so far. And the song writing, mostly by guitarist Jeroen, is getting better and better. Catchy and rocking! And because it isn’t that long ago we've written and recorded them, we are still madly in love with the tunes ourselves.

Part of the record was mixed and mastered at the Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum and part of them at the Popei Studio in Eindhoven. Why two different studios?
No, all songs are mastered at the Wisseloord Studios. But there are three songs we had already recorded at the Super-Nova Studio. The rest is al mixed at the Popei studio.

Having seen The Dirty Denims live I know you guys are a real live band. What do you prefer yourself, playing live or writing and recording songs?
For me it's playing live, and I think it's the same for the rest of the bandmembers. But I'm liking writing and recording more every year.

Now that you have released your second album, what are the plans to promote the album?
We are planning to release new video clips every few months, and we are going to play live as much as we can. We hope to play more in other countries too, we're going to focus more on that.

The Dirty Denims have played a lot of shows in the Benelux in recent years, but are you also going to play outside the Benelux?
We now already have a few shows in Germany planned, and we like to add more. We also are trying to get a mini-tour in the UK.

What are your goals with the band, what would you still like to achieve?
We don't need to be famous, but it would be lovely to get more people who like our genre to get to know us. From all over the world! And then do our own headline shows in small venues, that would be great.

That pretty much sums it up for now, is there anything you would like to share with the readers of Lords of Metal that I forgot to ask?
We will play together with March (punkrock from Breda – NL) and Black Sheriff (hardrock'nroll – DE). And after that our Back With A Bang!-tour starts, so come and see us live, we like to give you a smile on your face!

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