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Op 21 oktober jongstleden verscheen de debuut EP van het Canadese Nervcast. De EP telt vier songs en de recensie lees je elders in deze editie. Aangezien de band hier een uiterst divers en getalenteerd schijfje af levert leek het me verstandig om eens contact te zoeken met de band. Het kan zo maar zijn dat we hier met een topper in wording te maken hebben namelijk. Zanger/gitarist Everett Mason legt ondermeer uit waarom er gekozen is om de EP in eigen beheer uit te brengen.

Door: Henk | Archiveer onder heavy / power metal

Your debut EP ‘Locked And Loaded’, which has been released October 21st, sounds just great. Since you are a new band can you tell our readers where you come from and what Nervcast is all about?
Thanks man. I think the best way to find out what we are all about is to listen to our debut EP very very loud but here goes my attempt at an elevator pitch. We are a four piece rock band hailing from Toronto Canada that features Matt on drums, Galen on bass, Kevin on guitar, and myself on guitar and vocals. Our influences range from thrash and metal to rock blues and funk and this can all be heard on our debut EP ‘Locked and Loaded’. We live to play shows and play each one like it’s our last. So check us out and spread the word!

Your EP is a mix of different styles. One can hear thrash, heavy metal and classic hardrock in it. Can you tell us where all the influences come from?
I love a lot of the classic metal and hard rock bands that have stood the test of time. I try and stay current by making a point of checking out what is going on in today’s scene but I am always drawn back to the classic stuff. Maybe it’s because so many of the current band’s sound so polished and perfect or maybe it’s the way things are recorded now a days. Everything has lots of compression but not a lot of dynamics. So after I get over how loud the master is, I usually lose interest and go back to the old school stuff. So with the Nervcast, I try not to ever think we need to do something to sound current because that is temporary. I’m usually thinking of what fans will think of our music in ten, fifteen, twenty years. I still listen to ‘Appetite For Destruction’ by GNR almost every day.

The album is self-released. Were there no labels interested so far in releasing your EP or was it a conscious choice to do it like this?
We decided just to do it ourselves. It’s really hard to get label interest or funding from grants if you don’t have anything to show them. So I think we had to get into the studio and pay for an EP out of our own pocket. Hopefully this initial EP will lead to more opportunities.

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I think the artwork for the album looks great but it can be very confronting to some people. What was the idea behind the cover?
Our artist Theo did a killer job. He pitched some sketches to us after listening to the EP a few times and we just went along with his vision. We are going to use him for an animated music video in the future too.

The song 'Chemical Solution' is about being an addict if I am not mistaken. Have you guys experienced that yourselves or was there someone close who went through this?
This song isn’t about anybody in the band or any one person in particular but I have had some friends that have gone through some stuff and seen some musicians have some dark times. So those influence the lyrics a little bit. As much as this song is about addiction, it’s also about that destructive energy that can come over anybody. Sometimes you just don’t give a fuck. You don’t have to be an addict to relate to that. It’s a good song to drive fast to.

Are there any plans to come up with full length cd somewhere soon?
Yes, hopefully fairly soon. We are currently writing material and coming up with more ideas almost daily. We know we have more to offer in the songwriting department like some slower ones and more hard rock GNR, AC/DC style tunes, along with some heavier stuff. So I think the full length will show more of our versatility.

What are the plans now the album is released. Any touring plans?
We will be looking to play as many shows as possible. Right now, no show is too small for us. We have a few shows booked in the next few months but we'll definitely be looking to do more. We will also have a music video coming out for the song "Locked And Loaded," so it's an exciting time for us to put on our working boots and get our music out there.

Well thank you for taking the time for the interview. I hope we see you soon in Europe somewhere. Any last things to add that I have forgotten to ask?
Thanks for taking the time to listen to our record and reach out for the interview. Spread the word about our new EP and hopefully we see you in Europe soon!

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