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Het tweede album van het Zweedse Ironbird is uit. Ondanks de zeer goed ingepaste Black Sabbath en Led Zeppelin invloeden die me persoonlijk aan de iets meer hedendaagse topper The Quill deden denken, was ik jammer genoeg nog niet bekend met dit bandje. Tijd voor een nadere kennismaking!

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Hi there, and congratulations with the release of your second album. Is the final result how it was planned, or were there still some surprises after listening to the album in its finished state for the first time?
Hi, thanks a lot. We are very satisfied with the final result. Of course we were a little bit nervous, of how the final result would sound like. We have spend so much time together in the studio and rehearsal room, and worked with the songs for almost a year, totally. Our producer Jonas Edler did a great job during the recording and mixing and Comsos mastering studios were awesome, as well. When we listen to the album for the first time after the mastering session, we felt very, very satisfied. We think it sounds awesome and much better than we ever could imagine.

[bIron Bird is not that known yet to most of our readers. Can you please give us a short introduction into the world of Ironbird, and how it all began?][/b]
Alright, Ironbird is a fourpiece constellation with its roots in the 70s groovy and melodic hard rock. We are based in Stockholm/Sweden. It all began 2012, where all of us (Magnus Jernström - guitars, Rasmus Jansson - vocals, Fredrik Schönbeck - bass and Magnus Arndtzen - drums) had known each other for a long time, playing in different bands or just in some strange constellation that felt comfortable for the moment, running at same bars or gigs. Talking about start something together. This is the moment when the Ironbird journey starts. We started jamming and writing songs and stuff of some ideas that guitarist Magnus Jernström came up with, which led to a record deal with Transubstans Records. We were happy. In 2013 we finally started the recording of our first album 'Black Mountain'. It was released in September 2014.

This is your second album, but instead of releasing a self-titled first album, your second album is the self-titled one. Does this new album feel as some kind of re-birth, or is there another reason for the choice of album title?
Hmm, that is a quite difficult question. The first album was surrounded by both darkness and happiness, with death and birth of family members, friends and newborn children. So 'Black Mountain' was like a huge obstacle that we had to force and get through. All of the songs written for the album is very important for us, in one way or another. This second and self-titled album is like the beginning for us, as a band in a strange and free way of getting further. Iron bird has finally landed and are ready to hit the ground.

There are quite a few bands named Ironbird, which are all playing pretty loud stuff. Never came across some confusing situations or problems with copyrights?
We think no, when we first came up with the name Ironbird, we pretty fast found out there were two other Ironbirds out there, but none of them seems to be active. We felt free to catch the band name Ironbird. And so far we haven`t had any kind of problems or confusing situations with the band name.

One of your obvious sources of influence seems to be Black Sabbath (heavy dragging riffs with vocal lines and sound in the line Ozzy). Is that so, and which other bands would you consider your examples or inspirations?
Ha ha, of course we are influenced by the gods from Birmingham, Black Sabbath. They are a
big inspiration for us musically. But there is a lot of other really great bands that impress us
much, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Deep Purple and Monster Magnet for example. But we think that we are sounding a little bit different, like a mix of everything we listen to and support. We do not strife to sound like anything else, it just happen. It is difficult these days not to be compared with other band/acts.

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How are your songs written actually? Someone comes up with a complete concept, or basic idea which is worked out by the whole band, or is there a lot of jamming involved also?
Good question, most of the times guitarist Magnus Jernström came up with basic ideas, riffs and arrangements. Which we all together, jamming, laughing, screaming and drinking beers put into songs. And after a few sessions in the rehearsal room the song is ready. The keyword is, the easier the better. Cheers!

Speaking of jamming; some tracks seem to be very suitable for extended versions when played live. Are you guys into some improvisation and changing or extending some songs depending on "the mood" on stage?
That's true. Many of the songs and especially in the guitar solo parts, like 'Equation' and 'Lady' for example there is a lot of space for extended versions and improvisation. Of course it depends on the mode and vibe we are in for the moment. The answer is yes.

Is the gear used on stage the same as the stuff used in the studio? It all seems pretty authentic (old-fashioned and honest) sound wise. What is the gear used anyway?
We always try to use the same equipment, both on stage, when we record or rehearse. So we can get as close as we want to our Ironbird sound wherever we appear.

Great thing, you guys release the album on vinyl also! A personal preference or also because vinyl is back as a medium to earn some money as a musician?
We are a bunch of vinyl freaks, we all collect vinyl and think that LP is the best form to release and listen to old and new music. Its arty and we love the medium/size. And it's definitely back as a medium. but we don't think you earn more money, if you are not on tour and selling merchandise. As a musician these days it's hard to survive economically with or without vinyl.

Thanks very much for your time. Anything else you want to share with our readers, like the future plans, some hot gossip, or the announcement you're coming to our region for some gigs?
That was nothing, only fun time for us. The future plans is to spread the word about Ironbird, and to get on stage so often we possibly can. We are planning a tour in Germany, spring 2018. We are very proud of our new effort so we will show Ironbird for everybody, just feel free, meet new friends and have a fantastic journey with our new release. Hope to see you on the road/all the best.

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