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Implore heeft eigenlijk een droomstart van hun carrière. Drie jaar geleden speelden ze pas hun eerste live show samen en nu al zijn ze opgepikt door major label Century Media en touren ze zich helemaal suf. De oeroude grindcore ‘work ethic’ is duidelijk alle tijd, geld en energie waard. Met hun nieuwe album ‘Subjugate’ onder de arm zorgen ze dat iedere zaal waar ze spleen na afloop van hun concert de muren opnieuw moeten sauzen. Mooi moment om de belangrijkste songschrijver van de band Gabriel wat vragen voor te leggen.

Door: Berto | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

To start, can you tell us a little bit about the history of the band?
Implore started in 2013 in Hamburg, Germany when Daniel and I (Gabriel, bass and vocals) met after a show and we talked about a possible music project together, after many shows, releases, tours, some years gone by and many drummers… Implore is now a fourpiece with an international line up.

What kind of bands were you into when you started listening to metal? And what is it that makes metal important to you?
I got my first tape in 1995 when I was seven years old, my uncle gave me a compilation with Alice Cooper, Ozzy, Europe and Skid Row. I was already in love with ‘The Division Bell’ of Pink Floyd cause my dad has a really good music collection. I guess I had all types of phases until I got to understand music. I listened to new metal in the early 2000’s, I have been an active member of the hardcore and straight edge scene. I had metalcore, crust, punk, death and hardcore bands in the last fifteen years. I can’t pick a moment in the time-line to say I started here. Metal is a very vast world and to me being open minded with music (and metal… and life) is essential. To me is important cause it’s the home of the outcast and the misunderstood, and when you don’t fit anywhere, you will surely feel home in metal. I met most of the best people of my life through music/metal and I would not understand life without it and without them.

For this album you signed a worldwide deal with major metal label Century Media. That must have made you really happy?
To be honest it took us as a surprise. We had two more albums on Pelagic our former label, and we were not expecting this change at all. We are glad we got picked up by people who care for us and give the best of themselves to work together, we are very happy indeed cause they made a lot of things easier for us. Their will to help us grow is huge, so of course we love to work with people who enable us the tools to move forward.

How did you get in touch with your label? And do you really need a label these days (with internet and social media) to release your music?
They contacted us, cause they liked our show at Party San Open Air 2016 and we took it from there. A label is not important to get your music out, you can do that on your own, you can even release your own music by sending the files yourself to the pressing company. A label is a team of people who want to work with you cause they believe in what you say and what you do. If you want to do this in professional standards then yes, it’s important to have a label that cares.

What goals did you set yourself when you started the band and did you reach any of them?
My goal was to tour as much as possible, and we exceeded that a while ago, actually things got better before expected. Within the first year we had already toured USA and Europe many times. Fortunately all the labels we had worked with approached us, we never sent a promotional package to anyone. Our goal now is to keep doing this as much as possible and for the longest period of time, we don’t want to fade away in few years, we want to work for our longevity and we are here to stay.

How do you write your songs? Does it always start with a riff or does it involve some jamming with the rest of the band?
This album was 100% written in the practice room, starting from riffs and ideas, or just by jamming around like in ‘Ecocide’ or ‘Paradox’. Usually there are some parts together and then we create the song. Maybe for the next record we will demo stuff before and work on it before hitting the practice room, it may help us and save some structural arguments.

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Where do you get ideas for the lyrics? And how important are these for you?
Lyrics are as important as the music. I put special attention on everything I write and try not to repeat myself much. It’s hard sometimes cause English is not my native language and I have to explore a lot the depths of the grammar. I believe we have the chance to be heard and this is our legacy in this world, we may not change anything, but our message will remain in someone’s mind and that influence can spark a thought of big weight. If a young teenager gets ‘Subjugate’, reads the lyrics and analyses what’s written and my message influences him/her to have a more judgmental view on the world, I would be fully satisfied with my goal as musician and ‘messenger’.

You are described as ‘black metal'. This is of course because music has to be labelled in order to be marketed, but how would you describe your music?
I would never describe us as ‘black metal’ we have little influence of that genre, I think we come from grindcore and we have a big influence from hardcore, death and crust-punk. In the end I would rather people to enjoy our music by listening to it without letting them be drifted away by ‘it’s this’ or ‘it’s that’.

How do you feel the band has progressed or changed since you started the band?
We played our first show three years ago and we play music that doesn’t have a big following. We achieved a lot in very short time and we are very proud of it. But it’s pointless to look back more than to say to ourselves that we did things right. Now it’s time to look to the future and work for what it’s yet to come.

Modern metal is always produced in a more or less clinical way with ProTools and other programs helping bands to create a slick sound. On the other hand you see that about every band releases vinyl again. Where do you see music go in the near future? Will vinyl take over again, including a more organic production? Do extreme music and a slick production even go together?
Those who collect music cause it’s a beautiful item to own, will always buy vinyl. You can listen to music in any format from any device nowadays, but those who truly want to have your record will buy it. Physical formats are slowly dying into oblivion, nobody develops photo films anymore… The beauty of memories and life reminders will die in our own hectic minds. Devices will evolve and your picture, your music, your memories from a particular time in life will be gone with it. I believe it’s important to own the physical formats of the music you love cause it’s part of ourselves. Slick productions are possible due to the high technology of the present times, if the production serves the songs and the band, be that it.

Are there any non-metal bands that you like and can recommend?
We could sit down for hours to talk about this, we enjoy a lot of different music, from classic aforementioned like Pink Floyd, Beatles or Deep Purple to Chvrches, Lana del Rey or Crystal Castles. I would recommend not to be ‘true’ and to enjoy music for the sake of it, forgetting any genres or labels on it.

How would you convince the pope to listen to your music?
Well, we both are Argentinians haha! Maybe with that he would give it a chance. I honestly would be interested to talk with him and get to know what is in his mind coming straight from him and not from interviews. I would convince him by speaking out my mind and heart straight with him, like I do in our lyrics, if he identifies or understands the issues I write about he might be interested to read the lyrics at least, he is over 70 I guess, he would be annoyed by our sonic violence. His iconic persona influences millions of people, he has a huge power in his hands. Would be interesting to talk and discuss the current state of the world and how we got here. Interesting question.

Finally, when will you be playing live shows to promote the new album?
Yes! Touring is what we do best. We just got back from our first European tour with Vallenfyre, and we are going away next month for a ten shows run with the grind Swedish legends Gadget, then we go to Japan and South East Asia for about a month. 2018 is still on the making but I’m sure some cool things will come along.

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