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Unseen Faith

Unseen Faith liet met hun debuut album 'Waver' horen dat er duidelijk nog ruimte was in hardcore en deathcore om te experimenteren en met een fris en modern geluid te verschijnen. Zanger Alexander Eriksen had de tijd om ons een woordje van wat uitleg te geven.

Door: Koen W. | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Unseen Faith is quite a young band and still not so known in our country. So can you give us a short introduction about the band and what it stands for?
Unseen Faith is a Danish band consisting of five members. We draw on elements from the core genre. Especially metalcore and deathcore. Our musical universe is sometimes beautiful and atmospheric and other times it's heavy and dark. We are not a band that has a specific agenda to proclaim through our music, but we talk a lot about existentialism and doubt. At the same time, compassion is also something that fills us a lot.

At the end of 2015 there was your first work with the EP ‘Yokebreaker’. In 2017 the band is there again with their full album ‘Waver’. Did you learned a lot between the recordings of the two albums?
We have learned a lot, I think. There has been a greater focus on writing better arrangements for the songs. Our understanding of the structure of the songwriting has developed a lot and we clearly think that this album represents our development well! We have also been working on making choruses in the songs, but without compromising. However, it should not be understood that the album is characterized by the generic pop structure of a song!

I was very happy that your music sounded quite fresh compared to those metalcore and hardcore bands from last few years that only aimed for catchy choruses. Was it a long way to reach and develop that sound?
I do not want to say that it was a long/hard way, but more that it was more a natural way for us to develop in. The difficult thing was to make better songs without making classic verse-chorus songs that many metalcore bands do today. But you could say that ‘Dystopia’ is the album’s pop song, if you look at the structure. Each song we rearranged many times before we were satisfied.

Was the writing process something that the whole band was working on? Or is it more the work of a few ones?
The mastermind behind our music belongs to Klaus, our drummer. He writes almost all the music except the vocal flows and lyrics. He is very skilled and efficient and he’s always looking for new sources of inspiration. Normally the songwriting will take place by him making a draft of a song and then sending it to me. Then I show him my suggestions for how the music can develop, and I also try fit in my ideas in relation to flows and lyrics. This repeat until we have a result and then we will show it to the others in the band that comes with their contribution. All the others member’s opinions are important too! This is how all our music is written.

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The album title ‘Waver’ expresses the wavering feeling of being a religious person, who tries to hold on to his faith, in the midst of a modern and hectic society. Does that mean that you are a band with a religious background?
We tried with ‘Waver’ to create an album about doubts and beliefs. When people are not willing to question their own beliefs or ideology it can be very harmful for other people around them, who think otherwise. I think the world would be a better and more loving place if we weren't that stubborn and judgmental. Just look how people go nuts at each other on social media for not having the right political views or being vegan or not being vegan, being Muslim, atheist or not following the “right” theology of Christianity. It’s heartbreaking to see how we treat each other! We want to change that, so we started with our self and our own Christian faith. We wanted to be the first to admit that we do question our own beliefs from time to time! We see other existential explanations that science more or less prove, but that doesn’t mean that we still can’t believe in what we want. But to acknowledge these facts and talk about it, instead of shutting people down, can help to change us to be less arrogant and more respectful and appreciative of others faith or ideology. We are all Christians in the band and our way of understanding our existence affects our texts, but we do not perceive ourselves as a Christian band. We don’t preach from the stage and have no rule that our texts should absolutely contain elements that have something to do with our belief. We just love music and tries to be open and honest about what we have in our hearts and hope we can make a difference in this world. So, whether you are religious or not, you can still listen to our music.

What are the main musical influences for the bandmembers? And why were these so important in your personal development?
Thy Art is Murder, Northlane and Chelsea Grin are probably our primary musical influences today, but we all grew up with Linkin Park, Korn, P.O.D and other nu-metal bands back in the days, which I think is the reason why we today love the heavier stuff!

How satisfied are you with the album? Is out now for a few months. Are there some things that you would have changed when you listen to it now?
We are very happy about it! It's an important milestone for the band's career and people have received 'Waver' very well! I never think you'll be done with an album. There will always be little things you want to change and it can last in infinity. At one point, you must say stop and realize that you have done your best and the album is good!

Playing in a band is one thing. But if you want to reach more people and a growing fan base, it’s a lot of work with touring and playing. How much effort and sacrifice are you willing to put in it?
We do whatever we can to get as much attention as possible and we never say no to shows. Each member put their own money into the band every month. It requires so many sacrifices to play in a band like ours but the things we get back are priceless! We get to see the world, meet awesome people and create soundtracks to people's lives!

So what is coming in the future for Unseen Faith?
To play as many shows as possible while writing the next album!

This is the end of the interview. I want to thank you for your time. Do you have any last words for our readers?
Thank you for taking your time to read this. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we will keep you updated! Also check out Prime Collective, our management here in Denmark. There are a lot of great bands! We hope to see you soon!

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