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Vorige maand veraste het Oostenrijkse Silius met hun prima debuut 'Hell Awakening'. De cd staat bol van old-school thrash in het straatje van onder meer Kreator, Metallica, Slayer en Testament om er maar een paar grote namen te noemen. Aangezien de band ook al op grote festivals als Wacken en Novarock stond werd het tijd om eens te kijken wat deze prima band ons te vertellen heeft. We zochten contact met oprichter en gitarist Mario "Haui" Haueis die ons meer te weten laat komen over Silius, de opnames van het debuut en zijn voorliefde voor country muziek.

Door: Henk | Archiveer onder speed / thrash metal

First of all, congratulations with your terrific debut album. Since it is your first release would you be so kind to introduce yourselves to our readers and tell them a bit about your history and what Silius is all about?
Hey Henk and Lords of Metal Magazine! Hope you are doing as good as we do. First of all thank you for the compliment and the honor to be in your Magazine! We are Silius, five friends and drinking buddies with the music nerd gen. Ralph, the drummer and I met in Kindergarden and have been friends since then. I’m Haui the lead guitar player and formed the band in fall 2013 with Martl (bass), Mex (rhythm guitar) and Matthias (vocals) with the ambition to create the sound that we love and like to play. This album and the songs are from the very first beginning from our songwriting. We played this tunes since 2014 at every show and shaped it sometimes a bit to get it better. We won the Austrian metalchamp (bandcontest) and the Wacken Metalbattle and played in 2015 a lot of killer shows from Wacken to MetalDays (Slovenia), NovaRock, Kaltenbach Open Air and many more! In 2016 we went into the Studio in Kempten/Hegge in Germany and recorded 'Hell Awakening' with our awesome producer RD Liapakis (Suicidal Angels, Mystic Prophecy, Devils Train). This dude is one hell of a musician and a friend and we worked really good together and had lots of fun. And now here we are with 'Hell Awakening'! Crank it up!

It surprised me a bit that you guys come from Austria. Normally a country that is known for winter sports and mountains but not necessarily the metal scene. Is there something going on? Can we expect more talented bands from the Alps?
Ohhhh man, we have a lot of great metal bands and musicians. Like our buddies from Insanity Alert! They are well known over Europe! Thrashing there asses off man hehehe. The metal community and scene is not the best but we have a lot of great magazines like and others. They push it every day and the hardcore metal fans keep it alive!

For a band that formed in 2013 things are going very fast for you I can imagine. You already played big festivals like Wacken and Novarock for example. Now you have your album out on Massacre and they're launching it big. What is the secret behind your success do you think?
Yeah, things are going really fast and we try to handle it the best way we can man. The festivals were a great opportunity for us to proof ourselves as a band and a dream coming true for us as musicians and metalheads! The only secret I think we have as a band is that we love each other and play our music with our heart and passion in it all the way.

The great thing about the album is that there is a great variety in the songs on the album. There is a variation in mood and atmosphere but also in speed. Sometimes it is really fast but on the other hand it is melodic also. Did you have a certain thought about what would be successful when you entered the studio and what was the role of your producer in this?
You are right as hell man! The songs are very different. Sometimes fast and there are also slower and groovy ones but that’s what we love and make! We had so many different influences and both Silius as our debut album are the products of those! We learned a lot from our producer RD Liapakis about songwriting and being yourself ! We changed some lyrical stuff and parts in the studio and had lots of fun with the Muft(C.Schmid)i the wizard of recording in the Prophecy Studios in Kempten. We had a hell of a time there.

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In your biography bands like Black Sabbath, Metallica and Pantera are mentioned. Personally Silius reminded me more of German thrash giants Kreator. I guess that must also be a big influence and what other bands would you say helped you shape your sound?
Ohhh man, the list is endless. We love the old thrash stuff like Kreator, Exodus, Testament and many more and we love newer stuff like Decapitated and others! I’m a real country freak also. I love country. My riff influence is definitely 60% Texican country power!

My favorite songs on the album are 'Kingdom Of Betrayal' and 'Message In A Molotov'. I think these songs really show what you're capable of musically. Are there any favorites from your side that you would say: "this the one song that represents us in the best way". Also can you tell what brings the inspiration for the lyrics?
Thank you so much man! We love every song on the album in their own way. Some of us maybe hate one or two because we played them since 2014, (laughs) but we are all really proud of 'Hell Awakening'. Our favorites are 'Kingdom Of Betrayal', 'Immortalize', 'Sick and Tired', fuck, every song! The lyrics are based on social criticism and on what’s wrong with the world today. It’s about what gets us mad and sad over all we see on the planet! But sometimes it's about our drinking, hell raising and more haha.

One other thing that stands out are the melodic guitar solos. Many thrash bands tend to play fast, faster, fastest and shred the hell out of every solo but your guitar playing sounds more heavy metal than thrash metal. What are your influences?
I think sometimes less is more, also in the riffs man ! There are so many of these sweeping Yngwie Malmsteens out there, but they have no heart or soul in their leads! I don’t have it too but I try to get goose bumps on myself when playing leads and then the shit is loaded man. The influences come from Zakk Wylde, Dimebag to Johnny Cash man, all is in the pot .

Last question, can we expect an European tour and also a date in the Netherlands? I think the Dutch thrash fans will absolutely be there.
We hope to go on the road in Europe and tour and promote the hell out of this album! Also in the Netherlands man. We will give you a call when we are here to burn it down (laughs). Right now we are waiting impatiently for a booking agency to get us going! But maybe someone has a heart for us.

Thanks for taking the time for this interview. If there are any last things you would like to add or I forgot something to ask now is your chance! Hopefully we see you guys soon on a stage nearby.
We say thank you all the way man!!!!! Dankeschön! Wish you and Lords of Metal all the best and keep up the Metal m/. Thanks to all of our fans, friends, and family all around the world! And now C’mon let's go for a beer! Cheers to all of you and see you hopefully live in 2018.

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