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Gods Of Silence

Met ‘Neverland’ maakt Gods Of Silence een uitstekende doorstart van het eerder ter ziele gegane Kirk. Dat is uiteraard weer goed nieuws voor ons, want binnenkort kunnen wij genieten van weer een sterk stukje melodische metal. Om eens wat nader kennis te maken met deze interessante groep uit de Zwitserse Alpen, heb ik contact gezocht met de heren. Met gitarist Sammy heb ik vervolgens een en ander over het wel en wee van Gods Of Silence uitgewisseld.

Door: Jori | Archiveer onder heavy / power metal

Hello guys, and thank you for taking some time for Lords of Metal. Since this is your first interview with us, I would like to do some history first. Gods Of Silence was first formed as Kirk around the turn of the century. Could you tell us something about those early years and the reasons that lead to the pause?
Hi, this is Sammy from Gods Of Silence. Nice to talk to you Jori. Well, that’s right, Kirk was formed in in the end of the 90s by me and Thomi Rauch (the singer). We quickly discovered talented and eager comrades in arms in Daniel Pfister (bass), Bruno Berger (keys) and Vito Cecere (drums) and played every f*ing club in our area where we could. Kirk released its debut album ‘The Final Dance’ via Point Music in 2003. The album was well received, not only in Europe, especially in Japan where it entered the import charts of the renowned magazine Kerrang. The next years we played as support for bands like Pink Cream 69, Doro, Axxis and Shakra. Unfortunatelly, our drummer Vito had to leave the band due to health issues and Kirk decided to take a break. In the meanwhile the old Kirk members started with other projects. Me for example, I formed the band Godiva and released couple of albums and toured Europe.

After reuniting in 2009, you released one more album as Kirk, and then changed name to Gods Of Silence. According to the information I got, this was after you found new singer Gilbi. Why did you decide to break with the name Kirk, that already got you some recognition here and there?
It’s true, it would probably have been easier to continue with the name Kirk, but we decided to restart as a new band. Gilbi’s voice is completely different than Thomi’s. For an old Kirk fan, it would have been irritating. And we wanted to give the band a new identity. So, the renaming of our brand made sense. Gilbi’s powerful voice give the songs the perfect touch. The result is the upcoming album ‘Neverland’. And in ROAR we found an ambitious record label who supported us from the first day. We are looking forward to whatever will come.

In my review of the album, I stated ‘Neverland’ to be ‘one of the better albums in the genre of the last months’, and some online searching teaches that I’m just one of many that really dig your work. How does that make you feel? And how do you feel about ‘Neverland’ yourself?
Thank you for the compliment. Yeah, it feels really good to read all the good reactions and shows, that we were right that we were choosing the hard way with a restart as Gods Of Silence. Me myself, I really believed in the songs from the very first day and am very proud of the ‘Neverland’ album. In my opinion it’s the best we did so far.

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One of the gems on the album is definitely ‘Demons’. The music in the songs builds up in a very thrilling way and the chorus is to die for. Do you have anything to comment or explain about this song?
A lot of the songs in the album are quite fast. When I started writing ‘Demons’ I wanted to do something in a slower tune, but not a ballad. Gilbi came to my studio to record the vocals for the demo. Immediately he had a perfect melody. I really had goose bumps. We both were quite happy with the result.

Any favourite tracks on the album yourself?
My favourite tracks are ‘Army Of Liars’ and ‘Neverland’ – cannot decide which I find the better one. But actually I love all of the songs of the album.

Why exactly the song ‘Full Moon’ for the lyric video? Are there any plans afoot for a ‘real’ video clip as well?
‘Full Moon’ is a perfect song for a first single. It’s a powerful song which represents the band and the new album. The song ‘Neverland’ will be released as second single with a ‘real’ video clip beginning of September. Stay tuned…

How does working with a man so experienced as Dennis Ward enhance the recording process? Does it make it easier for you to have an ear as sharp as his in the studio, or does his perfectionism drive you nuts instead?
Dennis Ward is an amazing producer. The first two Kirk albums were also produced by Dennis as well as one Godiva album where I was part of. So, we already had experience with him. Dennis has the ear of a musician and understands what we want to express with our music. This makes it really easy. And as a band who was going through the whole process of an album, you need someone with more distance to get out the best of the songs.

As far as I know, you have not been very active on the live front in either the Kirk years nor yet with Gods Of Silence. Are there any plans boiling for live activity in the near future?
After the last Kirk album ‘Masquerade’ we were on tour with the Swedish band The Poodles and our compatriots Crystal Ball. The tour was big fun. After the tour, we played also couple of shows in Switzerland. With Gods Of Silence we will start to play shows after the release of the ‘Neverland’ album. The first will be just one day after our release in Frauenfeld Switzerland.

So apart for any live shows, what will be the next steps for Gods Of Silence?
The next step will be the release of the second single ‘Neverland’ together with a video clip of this song beginning of September. The ‘Neverland’ album will be released on September 8 worldwide. We are trying to get a good support tour this winter or spring. But it is not so easy to get a good one… let’s cross fingers…

Guys thanks again for doing this interview with us. Anything for the famous final words?
Thank you, it was a pleasure. See you on tour!

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