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Je kunt de klok er bijna op gelijk zetten dat er om de drie jaar een nieuw album verschijnt van Origin uit Kansas. Na het zelfgetitelde debuutalbum uit 2000 verblijde de band ons vanaf 2002 namelijk elke drie jaar met een nieuwe CD. Het zevende studioalbum getiteld 'Unparalleled Universe' verschijnt op 30 juni in Europa via Agonia Records en laat door een verbeterde dynamiek in de songs een iets toegankelijker geluid horen. Ondanks dat Origin op het nieuw album probeert soms gas terug te nemen, blijft het een verbazingwekkend snelle en strakke band. Bandoprichter Paul Ryan nam voor ons even de tijd om het nieuwe album 'Unparalleled Universe' toe te lichten.

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Hi, how are things in the Origin camp at the moment?
It's a week before release date so just getting ready for the album to come out on June 30th. I'm personally going to have a album release party at the Golden Bull in Oakland California and the actual album release show will be July 20th on day 1 where Origin will be the headliner of the Bay Area Death Fest at the DNA lounge in San Francisco. We will be performing in support of the album for a month in North America in the summer slaughter tour. More stuff is happening just not confirmed yet

Your new record 'Unparalleled Universe' will be released on July 7th. I have been listening to the promo copy for quite some time already and the record grows every time I listen to it. It's a massive death metal record that will put a smile on many death metal fans for sure. What do you expect from the new release yourselves?
Well our goal is always to make a product that keeps the old fans of the band still intrigued with us while also hopefully bringing the band to a larger audience with some of our new ideas. Always to tour in support of the release and hopefully have fun as make the band successful in our adventures

Can you tell us something about the writing process of 'Unparalleled Universe', how did the album come about?
The album really went into gear after our last tour in September 2016. I had four blueprints of songs worked out musically with bass and drums so after that I started to really focus on completing the album. There was about 20 minutes of material all together in demos and then we got together for ten days of ten hour practices and we ended up building the album to over 40 minutes all together after jamming the music as a group. I went to my former band mate Clinton Appelhanz's Wave-works studio and tracked 'scratch' guitar tracks that my drummer and myself made to a click for the album so while drums were being tracked to a prerecorded guitar. Later the actual guitar tracks were recorded then bass and lastly vocals

With 'Unequivocal' you have recorded a ten minute song, how did this come about? Can you tell us a little bit about the writing of this song in particular?
The song started out as two separate parts and just ended up connecting into 1. I was working on another track which was more of a death metal approach where I felt that we should try something a little different than in the past. I had felt like we had been through a lot together in the last six years as this is the first album in out catalogue that had the same lineup as it did on our last album consecutively. I felt very proud of this accomplishment and wanted to make it feel very triumphant at the ending.

The songs 'Accident for Error' will be the first single taken off of 'Unparalleled Universe'. Why did you choose this song?
It was the first song written for the album and also because some of the material is actually older than the band itself as we are celebrating 20 years of existence in the form of Origin where the material is actually 25 years old. We had played the song live on tour and the response was really good and we were comfortable deciding that this would be a great track to lure fans towards our new release.

In the press release that came with the promo, it said you added more depth and dynamics to your music this time around. Can you explain to our readers?
Each album I try to make sure the original sound and style of origin is retained in about 25-30 minutes of intense material but the added length of the albums is where I trend to diversify by adding some new elements to our sound to make the album differ from those of the past. I felt like we extended our sound by adding a huge heavy slower track in variance under transformation and also by the outro of unequivocal which creates a new dynamic to our sound

There is a lot of melody and groove in your music, but still it is very extreme because the music is played so fast. You probably have a lot of tech death metal fans, but a majority of people on this earth probably will never understand what you guys are doing? How would you convince those ignorant people of the greatness of your new album?
I don't know if it's convincing more than maybe telling someone if you interested In something different to listen to. It takes repetition to understand our music but I have felt Origin has always brought this element to death metal in our approach. I would tell people that listens to this that it's probably best just to absorb one song at the time rather than a whole album.

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Where did you guys learn to play that fast? Do you ever get cramps when playing these songs? And, can you also play slow?
It's just how I always wanted to play. I don't really cramp up as I play somewhat regularly but before touring I increase my practice time to dramatically more so stamina isn't a problem. I'm okay at playing slow but I get bored with it if it's not something I'm into... 'In Variance Under Transformation' is slow in my opinion but I play the chords hard so it makes it more difficult.

What can you tell about the recording process of 'Unparalleled Universe'? And how was it different from other recording sessions?
We were in there just over two weeks. It was a lot of stress in the beginning but once the album started to take shape it started to build the excitement. We have a pretty great relationship with Rob Rebeck and we also like to grill food together. It's a great bond we have

When you listen to 'Unparalleled Universe' and to all the other albums you have recorded, what makes you extra proud of the new record, in other words, what does this album have that the others don't?
That we all have gotten better in the studio and we are all working on a common towards a common goal of making Origin a respected band in death metal.

'Unparalleled Universe' is the second consecutive album on which you have managed to keep the same line up. Since 2011 there haven't been any line-up changes anymore. You guys seem to go along very well. How hard is it these days to keep a stable line up?
Well I hope for the return of this lineup but life happens we'll see. I didn't see any of the songs that lead to the demise in the past until it was too late. I always hope for the best. Touring isn't easy and sometimes financially stressful as you have to tour to be successful but you also have to have a job to come home to. We'll see what happens when the album is released and we hit the road. Who knows some fans might hate us.

After four albums on Relapse Records, who have a lot of extreme death metal bands on their roster, you have been with Nuclear Blast (USA) and Agonia Records (Rest of the World) for the past three records. How do these two record companies differ from each other in terms of how they work and what they do for you as a band?
Relapse HAD a lot of death metal on their roster but they've changed so much I dunno who is even on the label anymore that I would listen to. At the time we signed I thought they were at the forefront of the extreme scene and that's who we wanted to sign with. Nuclear Blast was again at the front with extreme music when we signed with them and I had felt like we had outgrown what Relapse was doing for extreme music. NB has a strong presence on the extreme side in the States but in Europe they had more a interest in the retro bands like Slayer, Testament etc where Agonia we felt like we would be the focus point for the band and the label does do extremely great on quality of product presentation.

You had a tour shirt last year which was a parody on Ghost. The Origin logo looked more like the Ghost logo and the back said 'No Fucking Gimmicks' Can you tell me the story behind this shirt?
I'm personally not a fan of the band's sound. I can't even name a track. I don't think they would have the attention if they didn't have costumes. Oh well, I don't care. I personally didn't even want to do the shirt as it gives attention to something else.

This summer you are going to tour the US with The Black Dahlia Murder and Dying Fetus. I bet you guys are stoked about this upcoming tour?
I always enjoy performing live to a extent. If we tour to much and it feels like a job obviously it's not as fun....but that's part of being a professional.

When can we expect to see Origin play in Europe again?
Still awaiting confirmation. We anticipate playing there for this album multiple times.

What else is planned for Origin the next few months?
Just awaiting tour announcements as I can't say yet before confirmation.

Since our webmagazine is from the Netherlands, I am wondering, are there any bands from The Netherlands that you particularly like?
In no particular order: Pestilence, Sinister, Gorefest, Centurian, Severe Torture, Nox and Brutus. There are so many great Dutch bands. I know there is more just can't think of. I hope not to offend as I really respect the scene there

Is there anything I forgot to ask that you would like to share with our readers?
Thanks for taking the time for the interview. If you're interested in more information about Origin check out or website here.

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